How to Fix Your SD Card Slot

I admit I’m not a camera junkie who knows all the in’s and out’s of my Canon 6D, and I’d rather spend my time working on Composite Photography.

But sometimes, you just gotta get your hands dirty, and fix your own SD Card Slot when it gets jammed.

I get it, cameras are machines, and all machines break down at some point, but it seems to me that a Canon 6D that’s less than a year old should NOT be breaking down quite so soon.

Well, come to find out, it didn’t really “break down”, so let me show you how I fixed it.

My Canon Headaches

Back in the day when I was shooting film, I was a Nikon user.

I never really had any issues with my Nikon, it did the job, and I was happy.

Now that film is nearly extinct, and digital photography is the king, I’ve become a Canon user.

In less than two years, I’ve had a Canon 5D Mark II, which is out of commission due to shutter problems (I’m told by Competitive Camera here in Dallas), and a Canon 6D, which I recently had an SD Card Slot issue with.

Is this a Canon problem, or a general digital camera problem?

As I said, I’m not a camera junkie, and I’m not necessarily partial to Canon over Nikon, I just want a camera I can trust and perform the way I need it to perform.

My SD Card Slot Problem

Now, the recent SD Card Slot problem I had wasn’t necessarily a “Canon” problem as much as it was a memory card problem, but I could blame it on design flaws from both Canon and the memory card maker SanDisk.

When you watch the video, you’ll see the problems I’m talking about.

sd memory card for digital photography

The memory cards we use in digital photography are designed with small little metal touchpads (remember, I’m not a techie or junkie here) that small prongs within your digital camera make contact with.

These contact points allow the image to be saved from the processor in your camera to the memory card in your SD Card Slot.

The problem here is, the very small little plastic dividers separating each of these metal touchpads, over time wear out and may break.

And when these plastic dividers break inside your SD Card Slot, you’ve got a problem.

At first, I thought, “Oh, GREAT! Here I go again. What the hell? This is a new camera, and I already have one Canon that’s not working.”

I thought I was going to have to spend a lot of money fixing yet another Canon shortcoming.

In the video, I show you what I discovered, and how I saved myself hundreds of dollars fixing this simple problem myself.

Yes, this short video could save you hundreds of dollars.

There are a few other videos out there showing you how to unjam the SD Card Slot on your digital camera, but in this video, I show you a simple trick that could save further damage to your camera.

That’s a Wrap

Let’s face it, for me, my digital camera is just a tool, much like a paintbrush is for a painter.

It’s a means to an end, which are amazing Composite Photography Portraits.

While digital cameras are not flawless, this video will show you a simple solution to a problem that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Try this solution out, see how it works for you, and leave a comment below sharing your experience.

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Thank you. I found the problem with my 6D one day out from when I fly out overseas to join some photography workshops. I was ready to panic but your demonstration helped me to quickly and easily fix the problem.

Also me my slot 2 on my d7100 not workig when i put the memory he will not blinking 😭😭

Hey, i got the little piece out, but it’s not reading any of my sd cards any more…any ideas on that before i go to a shop?

I had that same problem, so I went and purchased new sd cards, which helped. Also, from time to time my camera doesn’t recognize my sd card, so I take it out and reinsert it, which also works. If you did not bend or damage any of the metal prongs inside the card slot, this shouldn’t be a permanent problem.

Wish I had more for you, but that’s been my experience. Let me know how it works out for you.

Wow !
You saved me a days work and a lot of money … I had access to surgical loupes, a fiberoptic light … and finally found a paper clip … tried gravity … then mobilised the little culprit … closed the door … inverted the camera and out came the little …
Your selfless effort to upload the video helped me today.
many thanks indeed !

Any way to save data on the damaged card ? unfortunately can’t send the card away due to the sensitive data.

Happy the video helped. As for the data, I really don’t know unless you try carefully super gluing that little piece back on and seeing if that works. Good luck with the card and if you find a solution, I would love to hear about it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ve just saved me alot of time, effort and quite possibly a mini hissy-fit as we have a big, busy, photo-worthy day tomorrow…and my camera wouldn’t take the SD card. This article was the top one that came up from my frantic google search, and it was probably the first time ever that the very first article I read was to the point, informative and absolutely spot on!

That’s so awesome, and I’m super happy I could help save you from your “mini hissy-fit” LOL.

Well, I’m working on it, but thanks so much for the info. Great.

I was able to get the piece inside the camera but still it wont lock, but the mu camera still reads the memory card, but it wont lock.

Hmmm… Not sure what that is unless the locking mechanism was bent somehow. Wish I could help better on that one.

WOW, I was skeptical, but this actually fixed the problem! Thank You!!!

Hello. I’m a Canon 250D user I need help please my camera says memory card right protection is set to lock yet it is not, I tried many cards please help

Sorry, I can’t help. I’m not a camera expert and really don’t know what could be going on. Might contact Canon for some help.

Thank you so much! This saved me big time. I had a wedding to shoot in the morning and my card broke off just like your and got stuck. I didn’t realize there was a piece stuck down there until I used a flash light and saw it. Your instructions were perfect and on point I was able to get the piece out and get my camera working again. Thank you thank you!!!!

That’s awesome Duncan. So happy you got that fixed in time for the wedding.

Found out my camera wasn’t working at 5am on a Monday morning right before an assignment. Came across your video and it was fixed minutes later. Next time you’re in Seattle, I owe you a beer. Thank you for the help!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s Awesome and I will take you up on your beer offer. LOL

Where is the video)? I can’t find it here in this article.

Hmmm… I’m seeing it when I pull it up on my computer. Here’s the link to the video on YouTube…

Nikon D7500 Owner

Thanks for this tip. Very scary to be poking in the slot.

Also worrying that the little plastic piece might fall deeper into the camera on its way out of the metal card cage.

I mounted the camera at an angle so that I could see into the slot, with the contacts extending down from the top, and the plastic piece almost fell into the camera as it left the metal card cage.

This fix is not for the faint of heart!

The design of the card slot on the Nikon D7500 is not good – the metal slot cage is not fully enclosed to the camera opening. The front edge of the SD card will hang up on the metal slot cage edge if the card is not exactly aligned.

Wow! That design does sound a little sketchy. Hope you were able to get that piece out.

My chipped piece fell farther in. The card now seats properly but I can’t read the card. Thanks anyway for trying to help.

Oh, that sucks! Sorry it didn’t fix the problem.

One of the little metal prongs on the card bent. I thought I fixed it so I inserted the card back into the slot. It was difficult getting the card out. The prong is still attached to the card. Now the camera does not recognize any card. Thinking it damaged something in the chamber. Any suggestions before I send it off to Fuji?

Unfortunately, if you broke or damaged one of the prongs your only option will be to send it in and let the pros take care of it.

Thank you,
I have Canon 5D Mark4 – discovered this problem last night. So this morning thought I would check it out. Looked inside and finally saw the black piece of plastic. Didn’t see it missing on card at first but then compared to another card of same maker. Each manufacturer does have these slightly different but very slight.
Anyhow, the trick I used – was to jiggle it loose with paper clip then I have a small vacuum I use for PC cleaning – I covered hose with an old nylon so when it sucked it up it did not go down the hose.
Thanks again for your tip it was helpful.

Happy you got your camera back in working order.

Thanks so much!! Fixed my Nikon D7000 with this great tip! Would have never guessed how easy is it to fix once you know what to look for. Fortunately for me, my plastic came off an orange Eye-Fi card and was easy to spot. Thanks again for saving me hundreds on a repair bill.

Awesome! Happy you figured it out. Happy shooting!

How much were you quoted to fix the issue? I told them I looked up the price of the part and I found nothing higher than $20. Why were they charging close to $200. I don’t think they would work on it for at least 9 hours if they chard $20 an hour(based this on what they charged to tell me what was wrong).


I’m not sure what they charge as I never inquired. However, it is a professional service so I’m sure it’s not cheap.

Wuauw, Jason Ulsrud, it worked for me too! I got that little piece out of the card slot on my 5ooD, and now the camera accepts the card as before! Thank you a million times, I live on a far away greek island with no help at hand for a problem like this! Happy summer, and beautiful photos! Kiki

That’s awesome! Happy to help. What island in Greece are you on?

Hi does this work on CF cards because it isn’t going in all the way and I am super scared because it is my first camera and I just got it.

I’m gonna guess it’s not the same problem as the CF card doesn’t really have small pieces of plastic to break off. That sounds like it may be a bent pen problem but can’t be sure without look at it.

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