composite photography of rick fairless of strokers dallas by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

How to Tell an Elaborate Story in One Picture

Imagine being faced with the challenge of capturing your family’s personality, your brands essence, or your product’s story in just one single photograph.

How would you do it? Is it possible?

Today, I’m going to show you how I can tell an elaborate story of your family, your brand, or your product in just one picture.

We’re all used to seeing photos that capture a family vacation (we’ve all sat through them), or advertisements attempting to share a brand or product’s story (we’ve all been bored by boring ads).

Notice I used the plural version of Photos?

Traditionally, it takes several different photos to truly relay the message of how awesome your vacation was, or how your brand or product fits within your consumers lives.

That is, until now.

It’s all About the Story

Ever go on a vacation and take only one single photo?

Of course not, because that one photo can only capture a very small piece of the story of your vacation.

Yet, every day, Portraits of families, of kids, of brands, and of products are being made using one photo, or with the one photo mentality.

Take this photo from my recent family vacation to Arizona.

sedona arizona taken with iphone

Sure, it’s a nice photo of the Sedona Mountains, but it hardly tells the story of our family vacation.

Now, let’s tell the whole story through the world of a Photillustrator Portrait.

family portrait of the ulsrud family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

See the difference?

The Story of Stroker’s Dallas

I was recently commissioned to create a Portrait of Motorcycle Legend, Rick Fairless, who owns one of the most popular biker destinations on the planet.

Rick’s story is BIGGER and CRAZIER than you could ever imagine.

From building his signature custom choppers, to the Strokers Icehouse, to bikini contests and concerts, to his reality shows, and even a local malt shop, there’s a lot to the Rick Fairless story.

strokers dallas 2

Sure, I could have snapped several different photos of all the different things he’s involved in, then handed him a stack of photos, but how can you tell Rick’s story with a stack of photos?

Better question, how many Photos would it take to tell Rick’s story?

Well, I can tell you it would take a minimum of about 62 individual images, which is how many I used to create the Photillustration I call “Rick Fairless’ World”.

composite photography of rick fairless of strokers dallas by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

See how this one picture can tell the elaborate story of Rick Fairless?

I frequently tell clients when starting a new project, “The only limitation you have is your own imagination.”

Followed by, “If you can think it, I can create it for you.”

This gives you the chance to truly connect with people through the power of your Visual Story.

That’s a Wrap

Today I’ve shown you how I can help you tell your family’s, brand, or product’s story in only one picture.

We all connect better when there’s a story involved.

So, how can you not be super excited about getting a Photillustrator Portrait of your family, brand, or product?

The world is best lived outside the box, so start thinking outside the box, and let Photillustrator do your next Portrait Project.

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