How Tyson Chandler Found Appreciation in a Portrait

Right now you’re sitting there wondering, “Is this it? Will this be the thing?”

You’ve spent a lot of money in search of things that are “Different”, usually falling short when you pull up next to someone driving the same exact car, or wearing the same exact dress, or having everything you have.

We all have an inherent desire to stand out and get noticed, and we all have an innate need to be appreciated by others.

So, how did NBA Champion, Tyson Chandler and his wife Kimberly, find appreciation and how can you stand out and be appreciated too?

Up until now, you’ve been looking for “things” to fulfill your inherent desires and innate needs when EVERYTHING that makes you unique and different is YOU.

Your problem isn’t “finding” something different, it’s finding a way to show, or express your difference.

Creatively Different Family Portraits

Because family portraits have always been excruciatingly boring, you’ve likely never considered them a way to get noticed or be appreciated.

After all, you’re just sitting there in a line, all dressed alike, and faking your best smile for the camera, right?

Well, the days of boring family portraits are gone, and I want to show you how Tyson and Kimberly Chandler found what you’re looking for through a Creative Family Portrait that’s different.

creative family portrait of nba champion tyson chandler and his wife kimberly chandler

One of the first questions I asked Tyson and Kimberly, and I will ask you too, is why they chose a Creative Family Portrait by Jason Ulsrud over the easier, less expensive option of getting a boring portrait.

“Because I want something Different!” Kimberly replied. “Something that will tell our families fun story.”

Whether you just want a family portrait that’s different, you want to capture this fun time of your lives, or you want family bragging rights, to make sure your Creative Family Portrait is uniquely different, we start with designing your story.

It Start’s With a Story

Portraits with people just standing or aimlessly frolicking through a field is boring, and unless you’re a frequent frolicker of fields or a street performer who specializes in just standing still, these boring portraits don’t tell much of a story.

That’s why your Creative Family Portrait, like Tyson and Kimberly’s portrait, will begin with us designing your story during our Discovery Session.

concept sketch of tyson chandlers creative family portrait

Once we’ve set the scene for your family portrait, designed out your portrait storyline, and developed each of your character’s personalities, we create a rough Concept Sketch for you to see.

As a feature film uses a storyboard to design the movie storyline, we use your Concept Sketch to design your portrait story.

Your Puzzling Story

Unlike most boring portraits that use one picture to record you standing or frolicking, we use many, many images pieced together like a puzzle to create your amazing story.

For Tyson and Kimberly Chandler’s portrait, we used 72 separate images puzzled together.

nba champion tyson chandler and his family portrait by photillustrator

1. Tyson Chandler
2. Kimberly Chandler
3. Sayge
4. Little Tyson Body
5. Little Tyson Arms
6. Sacha-Marie
7. Pink Bandana
8. Lou the Dog
9. Grandfathers
10. Grandmother
11. Jello Shot
12. Brother #1
13. Brother #2
14. Brother #3
15. Brother #4
16. Jello Shot Stack
17. Kendall
18. Kendall’s Trunks
19. Browne
20. Erica
21. Tervon
22. Terrell
23. Terrell’s Trunks
24. House #1
25. House #2

26. House #3
27. House #4
28. Underwater
29. Pool Water #1
30. Pool Water #2
31. Pool Rock
32. Pool Stairs
33. Hot Tub
34. Tennis Ball
35. Sky #1
36. Sky #2
37. Blurry Tree #1
38. Tree #1
39. Blurry Tree #2
40. Tree #2
41. Hill #1
42. Hill #2
43. Hill #3
44. Palm Tree #1
45. Palm Tree #2
46. Palm Tree #3
47. Palm Tree #4
48. Birds Flying #1
49. Birds Flying #2
50. Basketball

51. Tyson’s Game
52. Tyson’s Mom
53. Grill Fire
54. Liquor
55. Phoenix Suns Logo
56. Olympic Ring
57. Pool Lights
58. Chicago Bulls Logo
59. Cigar Flames
60. Golf Bag
61. Knicks Logo
62. Basketball Hoop
63. Mavericks Logo
64. Crown
65. Championship Ring
66. All-Star Ring
67. Tyson’s Camera
68. Olympic Gold Medal
69. Bobcats Logo
70. Hornets Logo
71. FIFA Gold Medal
72. Pool Side
73. XXX

More than a Photo

While boring portraits are simply a photo that’s been lightly manipulated, your Creative Family Portraits are much more than a Photo.

In fact, the real creative work begins after your photos have been done.

If I had only taken ONE photo of Tyson Chandler’s house, you can see how boring the scene would have turned out.

before and after of kimberly chandler

That’s a Wrap

As you can see with Tyson and Kimberly Chandler’s family portrait, a lot of planning and hard work went into creating their uniquely special portrait, which is why their portrait is different from anything anyone else will ever have.

Now, you may be thinking, “Yeah, but it’s Tyson Chandler and of course, their family portrait is going to be different.”

Here’s the thing…

Regardless of who you are, celebrity or not, your Creative Family Portrait will get the same amount of attention to story and detail, making it uniquely different from everyone else.

When you look and Tyson and Kimberly Chandler’s family portrait, what story do you think they’re trying to tell?

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Ha! The one and only. Super fun project of a super fun family.

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