Industrial Photography for RSI in Dallas

Industrial Photography for RSI in Dallas

I have become well known for my Photillustrator Signature Family Portraits with a Norman Rockwell twist, but from time-to-time, I expand my photography horizons with a somewhat different type of job.

Today, it’s all about the Industrial Photography I recently did for RSI in Dallas.

RSI is a Dallas based company specializing in refrigeration systems, and on occasion I do some Industrial Photography for their website.

So, let’s raise the chill factor and look at some photos.

Hard at Work with RSI

As a Dallas Advertising Photographer, I’m frequently faced with unpredictable environments of space and lighting.

A great understanding of lighting is essential to being an effective Industrial Photographer.

The following images show the installation of a beer cooler for Hooters in Dallas.

industrial photography of man working on beer tap for hooters

You can’t tell by this image, but there was barely enough space for me to stand on a ladder to lean over the shelving to capture this image.

industrial photography of man welding for rsi of dallas

While this seems like a basic image of a man welding, the challenge with this was capturing the flare of the welding torch.

industrial photography of a man sanding down the edge for rsi dallas

Photographers generally avoid direct, mid-day sun, so I set up a light to fill in the shadows and create a great image of this man working.

industrial photography of rsi dallas worker

Pulling in closer to the worker allows us to feel more like we’re part of the work he’s doing.

industrial photography of man buffing down metal edges

Capturing the angles of his arms and shoulders gives us a more dynamic image with a feeling of movement.

industrial photography of man working on cooler for rsi dallas

hooters of rockwall

That’s a Wrap

As you can see, the images above are nothing like my Photillustrator Signature Family Portraits, but they work great as Industrial Photography for RSI of Dallas.

Being a Great Photillustrator, requires me to be a Great Photographer.

From Portrait Photography, to Advertising Photography, to Corporate Photography, to now Industrial Photography, I’m capable of serving your photography needs.

If you have any questions about Industrial Photography, don’t hesitate to Contact Me at (214) 945-3226, or email me at jason @

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