Getting Noticed with Lightroom Metadata and Keywords

Do you ever wonder, “How do I protect my photography from being used without my permission?”, or “Is there anything I can do that will get my photos to rank higher on Google?”

If you already know how to add Metadata and Keyword tags to your photos, then just watch the first minute of the video because it’s pretty dang funny.

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However, if you’re new to photography or don’t know anything about “Meta-stuff” and “Key-things”, then this video is DEFINITELY for you.

METADATA includes things like copyright information, your information, and information on the photo being tagged, which helps protect you from those shady characters trying to use your photography with permission.

KEYWORDS are specific tags you add to your image so Google and other search engines can find them, which means your photography gets seen better.

Here’s why this stuff is so darn important.

Why You Need Metadata

Imagine creating Awesome Pictures and then doing nothing to let people know you were the one who created it.

Kind of seems stupid doesn’t it?

Now, of course, you sign your photos or add some kind of watermark so people who see it will know it’s you who created it, but without Metadata your images are basically not yours.

Digitally speaking of course.

Metadata is like a digital signature on your photography.

When you embed a copyright tag and all your information within the image you’ve created, now you’re letting the world, and more importantly, those scrupulous individuals who like to steal things, who created this Awesome Picture.

There is no dispute when you embed Metadata.

Why You Need Keywords

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other search engine alive today requires ONE thing to deliver what you’re looking for.


And the more specific those words are, the easier it is for Google and others to deliver what you’re looking for.

Here’s the problem with your photos.

Pictures are NOT words and because your pictures are not made up of words, search engines like Google have no way to find them.

This is where Keywords come in.

Keywords are a lot like # Hashtags and can be embedded into the backend of your photography, which allows Google to see them in a search and deliver them to you when requested.

It’s a lot like your old family photos that grandma wrote the date (Metadata) on the back, the names of the people in the photo (Keywords), and if you’re lucky, where the photo was taken (Keywords).

Then, several years later when you pull out the shoe box full of old photos and you pull one out to look at, the Keywords your grandma wrote on the back will give you some clue as to what that photo is about.

In this scenario, you’re Google.

Kinda cool, right?

That’s a Wrap

Ok, enough of the fun, cool analogies, it’s time for me to get back to Making Awesome Pictures, adding my Metadata so people know who made them, and adding some Keywords so Google can find them.

Oh, one last thing.

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Now, leave a comment below and let me know how you’re adding Metadata and Keywords to your photos?

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Hi, let’s explain whats happen, i don’t know what change in my LR Classic, before i can select more then one photo, select METADATA(right panel) select “location” and select more then one photo and put in metadata the country for exemple, then all selected photos goin to this location country, now i select many photos and only one per time change the country, i need do for every photo, do you know how i can fix this ?

I’m not 100% sure what the question is but if you’re adding keywords to your photos, simply select all photos you want that keyword to apply to and add your keyword. All those photos will now have that keyword embedded in them. So, if I’m adding the keyword “Dallas”, I select all photos that I want to have the keyword “Dallas”, type “Dallas” into the keyword bar and hit enter. Now, all those photos are embedded with the keyword “Dallas”.

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