Luminar 4 vs. The Photillustrator

The emerging AI software of Luminar 4 is making photo editing and Composite Photography easier than ever. With pro-level sky replacements at the touch of a button, you can quickly take your photos to a new level. So, today I wanted to put Luminar 4 to the test against my Photoshop skills to see which one comes out victorious. Leave your vote in the comments below and let me know who takes the prize.

If you’d like to quickly and easily take your photography to the next level, I highly recommend adding Luminar 4 to your photo editing toolbox.

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luminar 4 vs the photillustrator in a composite photography challenge

Comments (6)

Definitely, Photillustrator wins.
Not because I’m bias to you. Your version has
more of an “even” toned appearance.
I see too much contrast in the L-4 version.
Plus the highlights and shadows of your version
lend a soft contrast and a “cinematic” look.

I agree with the contrast plus there’s no way to really create depth in Luminar 4, which is something I love about editing in Photoshop. However, I do think Luminar 4 could have a lot of usefulness and I’m going to keep experimenting with it to see what I can do. Thanks so much for your feedback.

Luminar is pretty cool (although, I’m not a huge fan of those sunrays). I love how easy it is to add a sky…but at first glance it’s mostly filter effects which you can create in PS if you take the time to learn how. Photillustrator wins here because the Luminar image is flat and the light is a bit uneven in places. Your hand editing gives the image that “something special” that AI can’t replicate.

I think you nailed it. There’s just something AI can’t create. It’s the difference between “Artificial Intelligence” and “Creative Intelligence”. Thank you for your feedback.

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