Making Changes to your Photillustrator Portrait

Making last-minute changes to your Photillustrator Portrait, is not a big deal, right?

As a Rockwall Portrait Photographer specializing in the Composite Photography style, anything’s possible, which one would naturally assume changes can easily be made.

So, is it possible to make changes to your Photillustrator Portrait?

The simple answer is, YES, but there are a few things I want you to consider when deciding on whether to make those changes or not.

Ok, here’s the low-down on making changes to your Photillustrator Portrait.

Why You might have this Question

I’m writing this article because I recently had this issue with a client who at the 11th hour wanted to make a rather big change to his Photillustrator Portrait.

Now, if you’re not familiar with my Creative Family Portraits, or my Classic Family Portraits, this question may seem a bit odd to you.

You might be more used to a Traditional Portrait where do many pictures and choose the one you like most to make into a finished Portrait.

With your Photillustrator Portrait, however, there are endless possibilities to what your Portrait can look like, which means if you can think of it, I can create it.

Truth be told, I’m frequently making changes to your Portrait all the way to the final process of Custom Printing.

A Recent Portrait Change

To clarify more about what I’m talking about, I’d like to share a recent Portrait I was asked to change just hours before it was to be delivered to Custom Printing.

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER so you can see the change that was made.

Did you catch the change that was made?

Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas, called me late on a Sunday afternoon to ask if it was too late to make a change to his Photillustrator Portrait.

My response was definitely questionable, and went something like, “Weeeellllll… What’s up? What do you want to change?”

My hesitation came from the fact that I’m a firm believer that art is created to be Experienced, and the first time you will see your Photillustrator Portrait is when it’s hanging on your wall.

Knowing Rick hadn’t seen his Portrait yet, I couldn’t imagine what he would want to change.

Rick went on to explain he fired one of his girls that day and would like to replace her in his Portrait with a different girl.

This of course added a bit more work to my plate, but since it was one of the “Babe” in his Portrait, I made the sacrifice and agreed to photograph the other girl he had in mind.

Here’s the first Babe we photographed for Rick’s Portrait.

babe in bikini photographed for rick fairless of strokers dallas

Here’s the second Babe we photographed for Rick’s Portrait.

strokers dallas 4

Things to Think About before making a Change

To be honest, most changes you might have won’t be to major characters within your Portrait, as you simply can’t fire family members from your family.

However, changes are not uncommon and can be made regardless of how big it is.

A couple of things I want you to know before making a change to your Photillustrator Portrait.

#1 The Cost of Change

Of course, any change to your Photillustrator Portrait can be made, but the later in the process, the more difficult it becomes to make that change, and the more difficult your change, the more time it will require to make said change.

Please note, any changes to your Photillustrator Portrait may come with additional charges due to the time required to make your desired change.

This has never been an issue, but it’s important to know, so you can make the best choice regarding your desired changes.

#2 Compositional Breakdown

Your change will likely not be big enough to disturb the overall Composition of your Portrait, but just know, the bigger your change, the more risk you run in breaking down the overall Composition of your Portrait.

For me, the Composition of your Portrait is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than the time it will take to make your desired changes.

That’s a Wrap

Just to clarify, making changes to your Photillustrator Portrait IS possible, but it makes come with additional charges, and potential in Compositional Breakdown if those changes are too big.

Because I want you to be happy with your Photillustrator Portrait, changes can be made at any point throughout the Photillustrator Process, even after your Portrait has been printed, but there will be additional charges.

I hope this answered your question about making changes to your Photillustrator Portrait, and don’t forget to LIKE me on Facebook and FOLLOW me on Instagram.

Should there be additional charges for changes to your Photillustrator Portrait? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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