Experience the McDonough Family Portrait

“I love this! I’m so excited about our portrait! Thank you so much!”

~Michele McDonough

testimonial for photillustrator by michele mcdonough

“How do you portray the experience of a fun crazy family that’s made up of such unique personalities?” is one of the first questions we drill down into at the Discovery Session. For Kevin and Michele, who wanted a family portrait that was different, it was important we capture the high energy and chaos they experience daily.

composite photography of dallas family portrait by jason ulsrud of photillustrator

Kevin and Michele’s family portrait captured their life so good that it was important to display it on a wall in their home where they, and their guests, could enjoy it, which was in their dining room and complemented by a perfect blue wall.

mcdonough family portrait display in their dallas texas home

While the McDonough family portrait really turned out great, it was only because we all had so much fun during the Photo Session where everyone gets to pretend and act out their roles.

Of course, the Photillustrator Experience wouldn’t be complete without our signature BIG Reveal. So, while we installed the portrait, covered it up, and set up cameras and lights, the family enjoyed some time with close friends.

Finally, once everything’s set up and ready, the McDonough family counted down, along with all their friends, to the reveal of their uniquely different family portrait.

family portrait reveal by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

mcdonough family portrait reveal by photillustrator

reveal of family portrait by jason ulsrud of photillustrator

There’s nothing like seeing your amazing family for the very first time portrayed in a family portrait that truly captures their fun personalities and crazy life, which I think sums up the McDonough family quite well, don’t ya think?

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