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composite photography of fairy tale camping scene by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

Why am I Signing a Model Release?

The thing I love most about creating my Signature Family Portraits are the looks on my clients faces when they see their portrait for the first time.

The smiles, the laughs, and sometime the tears are the best.

Because my style of Portraits is so different than what you’ve probably seen before, the best way to explain my style, is to show you.

I fully expect your Photillustration Portrait to come out amazing, and I would like your permission to share that with other families looking for a portrait photographer.

Here are some common questions I’ve gotten about my Model Releases.

Do I have to sign your Model Release?

No, of course you don’t have to, but when you do, you’ll be helping other families discover how Photillustrator can help them tell their stories through my style of portraits.

How will you be using my Photillustraiton image?

Your Photillustration Portrait may be used in a couple of different ways, which include to promote my style of portraits through marketing materials and displays, or to promote my style of portraits throughout the photography world and to advertising agencies.

Will you be making money from my Photillustration Portrait?

While this has never happened, there is a possibility I may have the opportunity to make additional income from an agency or brand who would like to use your Photillustration Portrait.

What if I don’t want you to make money from my Photillustration Portrait?

No problem. If you don’t want me to profit from your Photillustration, simply don’t sign the Model Release form, and I won’t use your portrait for future promotions or profits.

Have More Questions?

While these are the most common questions I’ve received regarding my Model Release, you may have additional questions I haven’t yet answered.

Simply shoot me an email at jason @, and I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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