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family portrait of johnny wimbrey and family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

The Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make

If I ask you what’s in your Investment Portfolio, you may respond with a variety of answers such as real estate, stocks, or even your own business, and while each is a great investment, I believe the investment in a Signature Family Portrait is the best one you’ll ever make.

Here’s why Investing in Your Photillustration is the BEST investment you’ll ever make.

Ok, you may be thinking I’ve lost all my marbles, but by the end of this short article, I believe you’ll not only want to make a new investment, but you’ll be sharing this investment opportunity with those in your inner circle.

Which, is exactly what I want you to do.

Your Most Important Asset

According to Wikipedia, an “Asset” is an economic resource, which simply means it has a positive economic value.

Traditionally, we think of Assets as our investment properties, our stocks, or anything we can convert into cash.

While all true, I believe we all have one Asset worth more than money can buy.

Our Memories.

Think about it…

Would you rather keep all your “stuff”, and give up your life’s Memories, or would you sell everything you had to preserve your wonderful Memories?

The Memories we all have of our loved ones, friends, and families are more valuable than any property, stock, or bank accounts.

Yet, how much do we invest in preserving our Memories?

For me, the most important Asset I have in my life are the Memories I create throughout my journey, and the biggest challenge I have, is figuring out how best to preserve those Memories.

Why Photillustrator?

The entire reason I became a Dallas Portrait Photographer was to solve my problem of preserving my Memories, and to capture the personalities and moments of those I cherish most in my life.

Where traditional portraits record a likeness, my Photillustrations capture a person.

We’ve all heard, “Memories can fade”, and I know for myself, some have, so I wanted to create a visual experience I could look back on in 20 or 30 years and remember those I love most.

My boys, Luka and Niko, my wife Taren, my cat, and of course myself…

We’re more than faces in an Instagram photo.

We have unique personalities, unique experiences, unique talents, and unique ways of seeing the world around us.

My Photillustrations are an investment that allow you to experience those Memories for the rest of your life, and beyond your life.

You’re Worth the Investment

You Invest in real estate, in stocks, and in businesses, all in hopes of making a “Return” on your investment some day.

And while we hope and bet on getting a Return on our Investment, it’s not a sure thing.

However, one Investment you are 100% sure to get a Return on, is a Photillustration that captures the lives and personalities of those you love most.

Continue building your Assets and Investment Portfolios, but don’t forget to also Invest your money in the most important Asset you have.

Your Memories…

I know the BEST Investment you will ever make is in a custom Photillustration, because after all…

You’re Worth the Investment.

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