How this Editorial Portrait brought Odin Leather Goods to Life

How this Editorial Portrait brought Odin Leather Goods to Life

Without his leatherman apron, a glass of bourbon, and a cigar, Odin Clack appears to be just like you and me, but there’s more to this leatherman than meets the eye.

Today, I’m going to share the story of Odin Clack, and how I made this Editorial Portrait come to life.

As an Editorial Portrait Photographer, I enjoy any opportunity to meet people and share their stories through my lens, but as you will soon see, there is way more to the Portrait than what first comes out of the camera.

Now, sit on back, and let’s take a look at Odin Clack.

Before & After Portrait

Before I really dig into Odin’s story, let’s take a look at the Before and After images of this Editorial Portrait.

As you can see, the RAW image straight out of the camera is miles away from the finished Portrait by Photillustrator.

This is what sets my work as a Portrait Photographer apart from many other Portrait Photographers you may come across.

I want to share how I worked with Odin Clack to bring this Portrait to life.

Portrait Pre-Production

For the sake of everything I do, I consider Portrait Pre-Production to be anything before the actual photography.

Odin and I had worked for months to align our schedules so we could take half a day and do the photography for his Editorial Portrait by Photillustrator.

There were a lot of back-and-forth text messages and emails.

Finally, the time came, and I showed up for the Photo Session at his leather studio, which doubles as his garage at the moment.

That’s right, Odin Leather Goods is a start-up company doing business the smart way.

To start the Photo Session, I sat down with Odin for 60 to 90 minutes to just get to know him and his story of creating a business out of custom leather goods.

For the past five years, Odin Clack has been strategically growing his business from a simple curiosity about leather, to a brand and product that’s quickly gaining major popularity on Instagram.

Before actually breaking out my camera and setting up my light, I created a list of words from my conversation with Odin.

These words guided me through the photography and editing of this Editorial Portrait.

  • Dark
  • Dusty
  • Hard Shadows
  • Black & Browns
  • Denim
  • Cigar
  • Bourbon
  • Workshop
  • Natural Light
  • Hangout Space
  • Loves Texas
  • Likes Beard
  • Warm Tones

Portrait Production

I consider Production to be all things that occur during the actual Photo Session time.

While I didn’t do any photography of my setup, it’s pretty basic as I never use more than one light, and frequently try to maximize what natural light I can.

Because I spend so much time talking to you so I can best understand your story and personality, the photography set up is really simple and fast.


For the photography, my main focus is on focus and composition, because if I have these two things nailed down, your Portrait can come to life in Post-Production.


Another thing that sets my Portraits apart from many other photographers is that I really focus on only creating one or two Portraits during any given session.

In fact, I told Odin just before starting the photography, “I’m really a one Portrait kind of guy, so don’t expect a complete album of portraits to show all your friends.”

Portrait Post-Production

Post-Production, as I’m sure you’ve gotten by now, is anything that occurs following the Portrait Production.

It’s when I bring your RAW Portrait to life using tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, and NIK software.

For the Post-Production of an Editorial Portrait, I always start by uploading all the images into Lightroom where they will be edited down to the one or two I will use.


In Lightroom, I make some changes to exposure, tones, sharpness, and I remove Chromatic Aberrations.


From Lightroom, I take it into Photoshop, where I create a mockup showing me all the different changes I want to make to the Portrait.

editorial portrait mock up of odin clack

If you look closely at this image vs. the final Editorial Portrait, you will notice some changes, not on the mockup.


Once the Portrait is completed in Photoshop, I take it back into Lightroom, make a few more changes to tone and sharpness, the finalize it within the NIK software.

editorial portrait of leatherman odin clack by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

Odin on Instagram

Like I mentioned earlier, Odin has built a very cool brand over Instagram, which is my favorite social media platform as well.

Here are three Instagram options from just this one Portrait of Odin Clack.

odin clack instagram portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

odin leather good shop by dallas photographer jason ulsrud

odin leather good shop by dallas photographer jason ulsrud

That’s a Wrap

As you have seen, a lot went into creating this Editorial Portrait of Odin Clack and his Odin Leather Goods brand, but nothing starts without an interesting subject with an interesting story.

I bring stories to life through my Photillustrator style of photography.

Connect with Odin Clack on Instagram

Odin Loves Bourbon, so what kind of Bourbon would you be drinking if you were hanging out with Odin in his shop?

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