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On Set with Gas Monkey’s Richard Rawlings

One of the coolest things about being a Dallas Portrait Photographer, are all the different opportunities I have, and the different people I get to meet.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be on set we Gas Monkey’s Richard Rowlings.

The great thing about being a Dallas based Photographer, is that Dallas, TX is a very large metropolitan area, and is home to many local, national, and even international celebrities.

And, because of my recent Photillustration project with Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas, I not only got to be on set with Richard Rowlings, I now have the opportunity to work on a Photillustration project with the Gas Monkey himself.

But for now, let’s rev up our engines, and go on set with Richard Rowlings.

Photos from the Set

All photos from the set of Fast and Loud were captured using my Canon 6D, hand held with ISO’s from 1600 all the way up to 4000.

For non-photography enthusiasts, that’s DAMN impressive.

Coming from the olden days of film, where a 1600 film speed would deliver a very grainy result, shooting at 4000 with tolerable pixelation is awesome.

These images are a result of Digital Photography’s amazing capabilities.

richard rowlings of gas monkey and rick fairless of strokers dallas photographed by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

The entire reason I had the awesome opportunity to meet Richard Rowlings and be on set for an episode of his Fast and Loud show, was because of a recent Photillustrator project I did with Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas.

55 chevy with gas monkey license plate

I thought is was cool how the neon from the Big State sign reflected off this featured 55 Chevy.

getting video footage of richard rowlings 55 chevy

I believe becoming successful results largely because of who you know, and at about this point in the night, I was asked by the video crew who I was and why I was there doing photography.

Because I was there with Rick Fairless, I was allowed full access to the entire production.

onset with richard rowlings of fast and loud

I thought this angle was super cool to really get an idea of what it’s like to be behind the scenes of a professional video shoot.

featured image for article on richard rowlings and gas monkey

on set with richard rowlings and aaron kaufman of gas monkey

filming an episode of fast n loud with richard rowlings and aaron kaufman

behind the scenes of richard rowlings and aaron kaufmans fast n loud

That’s a Wrap

While I don’t claim to be a Documentary Photographer, I have to say this was a great exercise in capturing moments, and anticipating moments before they happened.

This photo shoot was hard work and required me to move from one side of the set to the other very quickly.

If success is 90% LUCK, the being lucky is taking advantage of, and being prepared, of the opportunities that come your way.

Now, I have to get back to preparing and looking for my next big opportunity.

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