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Taking 9 Moments to Create 1 Great Classic Portrait

My job as a Portrait Photographer is to create Portraits that Capture the Imagination to allow you to experience your ideal life.

Portrait Photographers have been really good about capturing a “moment”, but isn’t your life more than just a singular “moment”? When you reflect back, aren’t you remembering the “MOMENTS of your life?

Give me a chance to explain and I’ll show you the 9 Moments it took to create the one Special Moment for the Knight family.

You may also be wondering why it takes 9 different pictures to create your Classic Family Portrait, rather than doing it the traditional way of posing everybody for one photograph.

Give me one of your MOMENTS and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Life is a Series of Moments

Like so many people, I wanted to do a Family Portrait, but I didn’t want the same old Traditional Portrait where we all get dressed up in nice clothes, pose nicely, and smile for the camera.

To me, those kinds of Portraits are uninspiring, underwhelming, and are generally never enjoyed.

Isn’t life more than a snapshot?

Isn’t life a series of Moment’s, that when pieced together create lasting memories we tell stories about?

I wanted a Portrait that would capture my story, not only as a family but as individuals within my family.

I wanted a Portrait I had never seen before.

I started Photillustrator to help you capture those Moments, inspiring you to share your families story.

A Snapshot vs. A Story

You may be wondering, “What does a snapshot vs. a story look like in a portrait?”

The best way for me to explain is to show you…

As you can see, the photo without the people is a singular snapshot in time capturing the scene at that moment in time.

Through the Photillustrator process of adding first the daughter drawing on her little board, the son playing by the fire, the mother enjoying a glass of wine while she watches her husband playing the guitar, and the cat doing what cats do, we were able to blend the Moments of individuals into one Family Portrait story.

Breaking Down Summer Knights

I offer the Breakdown of this Family Portrait only to show you the amount of attention that goes into each family member within your Portrait.

I believe Stories and Memories are in the details.

The small little DETAILS you only notice after time is one of the most common compliments I get from clients about their Photillustrator Portrait.

breakdown of summer knights classic portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

#1 House

#2 Sky

#3 Blurry Plant

#4 Daughter

#5 Fire

#6 Son

#7 Cat

#8 Mother

#9 Dad

The RAW Photos

To give you a better idea of where the Knight’s family portrait started, here are some of the RAW photos straight out of my camera.

That’s a Wrap

Photography and Portraits are the time capsules we pass down through the generations in hopes our grandchildren’s grandchildren will know where they came from, and while it’s nice to see a snapshot of what someone looks like, is that all you want to leave behind?

Your Portrait will share your Story.

The question is, what kind of story do you want to tell?

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