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We Stand Behind Our Creative Family Portraits

“An avalanche of gratitude for your talent, but especially for your unmatched level of customer experience. The time they spent in our home felt the same as hanging out with good pals. You’re a treasure and thank you for leaving behind a portrait on our walls for us to treasure.”

~Rita Han

rita han testimonial for dallas family portrait photographer

You know what it feels like when you finally have your family portrait made but it doesn’t meet your expectations? Rita commissioned us to create her family portrait because she didn’t want the same old boring portrait she’d always gotten before. She wanted a family portrait that was different.

So, we worked some Photillustrator magic and created a super cute family portrait that was sure to please.

dallas family portrait featuring the han family by photillustrator

At the BIG Reveal, Rita and her family loved their Creative Family Portrait and the experience of searching for all their Hidden Touches.

A few days later, however, I received an email from Rita sharing that she wasn’t a 100% happy with how her and her daughter turned out in their portrait. Still loving her portrait, she just wanted me to know it wasn’t perfect for her.

While this has never happened before and because we stand behind our Creative Family Portraits, I told Rita not to worry and that we were going to make it perfect for her.

Here’s the before and after of Rita’s amazing family portrait.

At Photillustrator, our #1 priority is 100% satisfaction and we’ll bend over backward to make sure you love your family portrait. Even if we have to recreate some part of it.

rita han creative family portrait by jason ulsrud of photillustrator

I have to admit, I’m happy Rita spoke up because the changes we made really made a world of difference, don’t ya think?

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