How to Photillustrate Buildings

One of the most common things I’ve started doing in my Creative Family Portraits is to warp the buildings, which has led to some questions by fellow photographers.

So, today I’m going to answer the question, “How do you Photillustrate Buildings?”

First off, let me thank Erich Weibel for his question, and if you want to check out Erich’s work, Click Here and connect with him on Facebook.

While this technique is NOT difficult, the main thing you want to watch out for is your lines, and how your lines match up.

Your LINES will give away your skill.

The only way to truly pull off Photillustrating Buildings is to pay close attention to all your lines and to make every effort to blend them as well as possible.

Tricking the Eye

One thing before I bounce off to the next project on my Photillustrator list is…

I believe Composite Photography is as much about skill, as it is Tricking the Eye to believe something that’s not real.

When I started Compositing, I worried so much about everything being just perfect, and while you do want to do as good a job as possible, there’s more to it than that.

Being too perfect can lead to unbelievable Composites.

In my experience with Compositing or Photillustrating, I have come to learn half of what I do is Trick the Eye to believe what I want it to.

This impacted everything I did from blending my elements, to coloring my canvas, to Photillustrating my Buildings.

So, stop trying to be so damn perfect, and just make it look good to your eye.

Now, go Photillustrate some Buildings, and if this video tutorial helped you, leave a comment below.

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