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Photillustrator Portrait vs. Traditional Portrait

When I say “Family Portrait”, what comes to mind?

Everyone posing with smiles on their faces? Wearing white shirts and blue jeans? The photographer saying things like, “Say Cheese”? or how about posing up against some old barn or on railroad tracks?

Needless to say, we all have these types of images in our heads when we think of getting a family portrait made.

So, why then, do we settle for the same old Traditional Portraits that have been done by portrait photographers for eons?

I’d like to show you a different way to capture your family memories, and a style of portraits WAY MORE EXCITING than what you’re used to.

Thinking Different

The first step is I need you to Think Different than the old traditional way of having your portrait made.

I was asked once, “What type of person would buy your Portraits?”, and my response was, “People who Think Different.”

Ever since you can remember, you’ve been conditioned to think to sit up straight, tilt your head, and smile for a portrait.

But why do portraits have to be so stiff and boring?

You’ve been lead to think portraits are simply a physical representation of you at this moment in time, so you can one day look back and remember how you once looked.

But why do portraits have to be so one-dimensional?

Why can’t your portraits capture who you are, the personality of your entire family, your dreams, your desires, and your imagination?

I say they can if only you’d Think Different.

The Biggest Difference

Now that I have you starting to Think Different, let me explain what I believe is the Biggest Difference between my Photillustrator Portraits vs. Traditional Portraits.

The Biggest Difference is TIME.

Let me explain…

With a Traditional Portrait a photographer captures one image at a time, recording one moment at a time.

My Uniquely Different Family Portraits defy the laws of photographic time.

That’s to say, my Signature Family Portraits can capture many images at a time, recording several moments at a time.

How freaking cool is that?

Think of it this way, your Family Portrait can be created to bring multiple events together into one Creative Portrait that can only exist individually within Traditional Portraits.

In other words, your Uniquely Different Family Portrait will take the place of several Traditional Portraits.

Sharing a Testimonial

I was recently commissioned to create a Fun Portrait for an amazing family who clearly Thought Differently.

Each with BIG personalities, they wanted a portrait that could capture their world as they experience it.

composite photography for creative portrait by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

I call this Family Portrait “Crazy Town” because my wife kept asking me how Crazy Town was coming through the editing/creative process.

While I love how this portrait turned out, what I think doesn’t really matter, so here’s what Mary wrote in an email a few days following her Reveal Party.

It’s a modern day Normal Rockwell…

Jason created a lasting personal look of our family. It was such a creative process, and we felt part of it from beginning to final portrait!

What an enjoyable piece of art, we will update in a few years. It’s a modern day Norman Rockwell Astonishingly Fabulous piece of Art!!!

Barbara D.

Now, imagine yourself in a Family Portrait only you could think up, and how you will feel when your family and friends see how awesome you look.

What Will it Be?

Ok, I’ve shown you the difference between my Photillustrator Portraits vs. Traditional Portraits, and you’ve seen what others are saying about their Family Portraits.

So, the question I should be asking you is, “Are you ready to Think Different?”

While there’s nothing wrong with Traditional Portraits, I think everyone should have one or two, having a Uniquely Different Family Portrait by Photillustrator shows the world how unique and creativity you are.

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