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Photographer in Rockwall, TX Creates Epic Christmas Card

Do you ever get tired of mailing out the generic Christmas card with the generic picture of your family and getting a generic response, which means no response, from those you send it out to?

Yeah, me too, until I started creating Christmas cards that were different.

Now, every year when I send out my Christmas card to my growing list of people, I 100% will get text messages, emails, or phone calls telling me how my card was the best card they received this year.

creative christmas card of ulsrud family with santa

“Great holiday card. So creative but I am certainly not surprised. You’re the BEST and Happy Holidays!” ~ Howard Freed

Want Your Own Creative Christmas Card?

Receiving my Christmas card in the mail is cool, but what if you want a card as creative and different as my card?

Well, that’s what I do.

I create uniquely different portraits for uniquely different people.

You can choose from any of my Creative Portrait Templates to tell your fun Holiday story or I can custom create a Holiday portrait for you to share with all your friends and family.

creative christmas card portrait template

Regardless of your budget, I have a portrait that’ll fit your unique and fun Christmas story.


So, what makes my portraits so different from any other photographer in Rockwall or Dallas, TX?

That’s easy! They’re fun and entertaining!

All my creative portraits are created using multiple photos blended together using my personal illustrative style.

Think of Norman Rockwell drinking a Red Bull and on nicotine.

My card this year used 20 photos blended together to bring my family’s crazy Christmas story to life.

breakdown of photos used for creative christmas card

The possibilities of stories that could be told using this one template are endless and each Christmas picture will be as different as the family portrayed in it.

So, what story could you tell using this Christmas card template?

The Creative Portrait Puzzle

Ok, I know “templates” and “blending photos” can be a little confusing to understand, so how do these pictures really work?

Have you ever done a puzzle?

Each creative portrait, whether it be customized or a template, is like putting together a puzzle with photos making up the individual pieces.

First, I start with the scene as my first puzzle piece.

original house scene used for creative christmas card composite

Then, like any puzzle, I start piecing the individual puzzle pieces (pictures) together until I have a fun and entertaining portrait.

photos of rodney jaynes as santa
photos of luka ulsrud for creative christmas card
photography of niko ulsrud for christmas card composite
photos of jason ulsrud used for creative christmas card

The BIGGEST difference between an actual puzzle and the Christmas portraits I create is that I don’t have a picture to go by when I’m piecing it all together.

I guess that’s where the artistry comes in.

The Creative Christmas Card

Now, that all the work of creating this crazy and fun Christmas card picture is done, it’s time to have cards made.

printed version of creative christmas card

You have two options when it comes to getting your cards printed; 1) you’re responsible for designing and printing your cards or 2) I can design your card and have it printed for you.

Either way, I guaranteed your Christmas card will be different and don’t be surprised with you get the calls and text messages from your friends and family.

Trust me, your phone will blow up!

Want to reserve a session for the upcoming Holiday? It’s never too early to book your portrait session.

Call me at (214) 945-3226 or email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to help you easily book your portrait session.

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