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Photographing Tennessee in Florida

I knew the moment I met him I had to photograph him.

It was getting late and I had to get up the next morning to teach a class at Florida Professional Photographers how I make my creative family portraits.

Before I headed up to my room, however, I was led to the pool bar where I could meet some of the photographers who would be attending my class.

“Hi, how’s it going?”

“Hey, nice to meet you!”

Then I turned around and met the infamous Tennessee Rick and knew the moment I met him I had to photograph him.

That Photographable Look

I’ve always said that a portrait can only be as good as the subject in the photo, which simply means…

If you’re photographing somebody interesting, you’ve got a portrait.

editorial portrait of tennessee rick
tennessee rick leaving hotel photograph

I’m not exactly sure what that “look” is but Tennessee, indeed, had that look I knew would be great in a photograph.

It Takes a Photographer

I’m going to repeat that a portrait can only be as good as the subject in the photo.

But, a good portrait photographer can make anyone look great.

magazine style portrait of tennessee
photoshoot with tennessee rick

A good portrait photographer knows how to put you at ease, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and knows when the perfect shot is and takes it.

Tennessee in Florida

From the moment I met Tennessee I knew I had to photograph him because he had that quintessential “Florida” look.

Or, at least what I imagined that “Florida” look to be.

picture of tennessee rick laughing
portrait of tennessee rick in front of blue wall
fashion portrait photography of tennessee rick
editorial portrait of tennessee rick in florida

You know, that good-looking retired guy you’d see in a movie that’s set in Florida?

That’s it!

Tennessee is a Florida-inspired celebrity.

Channel Your Inner Celebrity

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