Portrait Photography Pricing that’s Different

Are you stuck or having problems figuring out what you should charge for your photography? Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What will people pay for my photography?”

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how I price my Creative Family Portraits.

I agree, what to charge for your photography is one of the hardest parts of starting your photography business or introducing a new product line like family portrait composites.

Way too much STRESS is dedicated to this issue, so hopefully, I can help you in some small way.

Pricing Different

Most photographers, when they’re trying to figure out what they should be charging, Google other local photographers to see what they’re charging, then set their prices similar to their competitions.

I took a different approach to price my photography.

I did Google other portrait photographers locally and nationally to see what they were charging for their work, but instead of pricing my work like them, I went the opposite direction.

Sitting fees are routinely $350 to $750 with some applied to your final order and most portrait photographers like to clump their images together into packages.

Packages just don’t work for me.

So, rather than try being like everyone else and trying to fit my unusual style of portrait photography into the traditional mold, I chose to create my own pricing system.

Build your Family Portrait

Have you ever had a client come back after delivering their portraits and complain about not getting what they ordered or that the prices are different (not a good kind of different) than they expected?

If you’ve been doing portrait photography for any time at all, you’ve run into this situation.

With my Build Your Family Portrait system, I’m not only eliminating all those problems altogether, but I make the purchasing process fun for my clients.

That’s because I put the portrait they’ll be getting entirely into their hands.

From the size of their portrait to the style of their portrait, to all the little extras they can add onto their portrait, my clients have FULL CONTROL over both what their portrait will look like and how much their investment will be.

Now that’s pricing made simple.

That’s a Wrap

Of course, this kind of Build your Family Portrait system may not work for the style of portraits you do, but the challenge is not how you can copy yet another photographer, but how you can be different in the way you price your amazing portraits.

Leave a comment below and give me some ideas on how you can price your work differently.

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Great Stuff man! Could you send me your pricing? Would love to see how you set your pricing also who do you use for frames and prints
[email protected]

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