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Photoshop Stitching vs. Hand Stitching

Have you always wanted to create uniquely different scenes for your Composites?

Now you can with the not-so-simple technique of “stitching” several photos together, creating one amazing scene for your Composite.

The question is, which works best? Stitching with Photoshop? or Stitching by Hand?

Today I’m going to go through the different options you’ll have when Stitching together photos using Photoshop vs. the more complicated technique of Hand Stitching, and I’m going to show you which one works best.

Now, pull out your needle and thread because we’re about to “stitch” some stitch together.

Stitching Photos with Photoshop

Stitching photos together is one of the hardest techniques to master but Photoshop’s made it a whole lot easier with its “Merge to Panorama” option.

Easier isn’t always better though.

Let’s take a look at the various different options you’ll have when stitching images together in Photoshop.

screen to merge using panorama in photoshop

The six (6) different options you see are; Auto, Perspective, Cylindrical, Spherical, Collage, and Reposition.

Auto Stitch

using the auto stitch option to stitch photos together using photoshop

Perspective Stitch

This option took too long to compress, so I didn’t do it.

Cylindrical Stitch

using cylindrical stitch to stitch photos together in photoshop

Spherical Stitch

using spherical stitch to merge photo in photoshop

Collage Stitch

collage stitch in photoshop

Reposition Stitch

reposition stitch in photoshop

Hand Stitching Photos

Now that you have a good idea of what Photoshop can do, which is pretty impressive, let’s take a look at what you can do by Hand.

Hand Stitching gives you way more freedom and flexibility.

Ok, standard disclaimer here, Hand Stitching is not easy and it will take some practice to master, but the results speak for themselves.

hand stitching photos together in composite photography

There is no comparison between Photoshop’s algorithm and what an artist can do by hand, which is why Hand Stitching is your best option if you truly want to create uniquely different Composites.

That’s a Wrap

Ok, now that you’ve seen for yourself the difference between Photoshop’s stitching capabilities and stitching photos together by Hand, I’m curious to know what you think?

Who won the Photoshop Stitching Stitch Off?

If you want to learn more about Hand Stitching to create better scenes and backgrounds, email me at [email protected] and let me know. If enough people bug me about showing them, I just might make a tutorial.

Now, Photoshop or Hand, who won the Photoshop Stitching Stitch Off?

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