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The Portrait Transformation of Kathy Ruff

“I’ve put this off for so long because I never thought I would look that good in a photo like this.”

Kathy said, “I trust you’ll make me look fabulous, so I’m excited to do this.”

So many women can’t see how beautiful they are because they “see” the extra pounds, or the wrinkles, or the signs of aging on their face.

My contemporary portraits will strip all those, that you believe to be, “imperfections” away so you can really see how beautiful you are.

contemporary portrait of kathy ruff

Kathy’s Portrait Transformation

Kathy, like so many other women, didn’t believe she could look so amazing in a photograph.

Busy with life and taking care of her family, I wanted to change the way Kathy saw herself.

photography transformation of kathy ruff

From styling and makeup to lighting and photography, we transformed Kathy from pretty to absolutely beautiful.

Professional photography can do the same for you too.

portrait of kathy ruff
contemporary portrait of kathy ruff in dallas texas
editorial portrait of kathy ruff

The Portrait Reveal

Excited but a little nervous, Kathy couldn’t wait to see her professional portraits for the first time.

the portrait reveal setup for kathy ruff

The best part of being a professional photographer, whether it be these contemporary portraits or my creative portraits, is the reveal.

the portrait reveal for kathy ruff in her dallas texas home

There’s nothing like watching my clients see themselves in such a unique way, and many times seeing themselves for the first time in a long time.

Like Kathy Ruff, Taren Ulsrud, or Jill Titus, you want to transform the way you see yourself, please give me a call at (214) 945-3226 to book a photo session today.

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