sneak previews of family portrait

A Sneak Preview of your Family Portrait

One of the hardest parts about having your Signature Family Portrait made with Photillustrator, is that you have to wait until the BIG Reveal to see how great your Photillustration turned out.

To get you even more excited, I’m going to show you a small snippet of your Photillustration.

You don’t know this, but I get just as excited to Reveal your Photillustrator Family Portrait, as you do to see it.

So, I thought a small snippet would help us both…

What is a Photillustrator Snippet?

I have found through posting my work on Instagram (@photillustrator) that my work often needs to be broken down into what I call “snippets” to see all the crazy details.

A “snippet” is simply a small section cropped out from the original Photillustration.

On average, a Photillustration can produce somewhere between 2 and 5 small snippets, which when viewed alone, looks great, but doesn’t reveal the entire portrait itself.

Photillustrator Snippet Samples

To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, here are some samples of Family Portraits and some of their snippets.

bass pro shop snippet of composite photography

composite photography snippet of white trash family portrait

family portrait snippet of fairy tale composite

Printing, Mounting, and Framing

While you enjoy and wonder about what your Custom Family Portrait looks like, it will be going through the Printing, Mounting, and Framing process to be ready for your Reveal Party.

Which, BTW, is my favorite part of the entire Photillustrator Process.

Have questions about my Photillustrator Process?

Simply shoot me an email at jason @, and I’d be happy to get your question answered.

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