Processing a New Family Portrait


Processing a New Family Portrait

Do you have your Composite Photography printed? What’s the BIGGEST size of print you do? How do you process it when it comes in from the printer?

Along with my search for Steve, I’m going to show you exactly what I do to process a new Family Portrait when it comes in from the printer.

Actually, I’m super lucky in that I have all my portraits printed here in Dallas, TX, which gives me the opportunity to pick them up directly from my printer.

Now, let’s unpack this portrait process.

The Printer

Have you ever sent your image to your printer only to get it back looking, well, WRONG?

Maybe it’s the wrong size or the wrong finish, or it’s printed too dark, or the blacks are muddy, or the tone is off.

If you’re a photographer it’s almost guaranteed getting a print back from your printer that’s not up to your standards will happen.

Fortunately, for me, I use the local Dallas printer, BWC, for all my printing, making it much easier for me to inspect everything I have printed before it’s delivered to my client.

You gotta have a great relationship with your printer.

Exceeding Expectations

I’m going to keep this section short so if you want to learn more about how I process my Family Portraits before delivering them to the client, then simply watch the video.

I have a question for you, “What do you do to exceed your client’s expectations?”

When I’ve asked this question before, many photographers have replied with, “Well, I create an amazing portrait for them.”

Right, and that’s exactly what they expected.

So, let me ask you that question, “What do you do to exceed your client’s expectations?”

My clients hire me because they know they’re going to get a Creative Family Portrait that’s totally uniquely different, and they know I’ll deliver and install that portrait for them, and they expect to pay more for it than the average portrait.

So, how do I exceed their expectations?

For me, a small piece of that answer happens in the processing of their Family Portrait, which starts off with being hand signed with a small note written on the back for them to find years later.

I know, this is small, but success is in the details and when you add this detail on to the many other details I pay attention to…

Well, you really exceed their expectations.

That’s a Wrap

Ok, enough ranting about exceeding your client’s expectations because you already know all about that, right?

Watch the video to see my process for processing Family Portraits.

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Now, in the comments below, tell me what you do to exceed your client’s expectations.

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