Using my Photillustrator Style to Promote your Product or Brand

Using my Photillustrator Style to Promote your Product or Brand

As a Dallas Portrait Photographer, and one who is trying to bring my unique style of Composite Photography to the world of Advertising, I admit it may seem like an unconventional approach.

That’s why I’m going to show you how using my Photillustrator Style to promote your product or brand can help you stand out.

The reason I’ve chose to write about this now, is because after spending a great deal of energy speaking with Artist Reps, the creatives at Agency Access, and being turned down by Wonderful Machine for not being “Commercial” enough, I feel an AWESOME opportunity awaits those who want something different.

After all, isn’t it all about finding something different?

I could go on, but let me show you some examples of using my Photillustrations to promote your product and/or brand.

Photillustrator Style Advertising

I think it’s fair to say not every Composite I create is potential for the advertising world, but it’s also not fair to say, my Composite Photography Style is not “Commercial” enough.

It really comes down to what you’re looking for, and personal preference, don’t you think?

If you’re looking for an Advertising Photographer who can create a story around a product or brand, and turn that into a “Lifestyle” image that captures the personality of your target market, then my Photillustrations are perfect for you.

Let me show you some samples…

composite photography of twin boys with grandparents by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

bass pro shop portrait by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

composite photography of moving day family portrait by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

To give you a better idea of how one of my Composites can be used for Advertising, I worked up one of the above images for a possible Canon ad.

conceptual ad for canon cameras by dallas advertising photographer, jason ulsrudAs you can see from the images above, my Photillustrator Style incorporates real people, with real products, in real life situations, but with a Norman Rockwell twist.

Everyone can resonate with these type of stories.

3 Benefits for Your Product or Brand

Ok, you might be thinking, “Your work is really cool, and definitely fun and unique, but why would I use it for an ad campaign?”

Good question, and I’m happy you asked.

Benefit #1: My Photillustrator Style is Different…

My focus is always on producing images that are different, and something you haven’t seen done quite like this before.

Benefit #2: My Photillustrator Style is Personal…

Because my images are of real people in real situations, and with real products, they strike an emotional cord with the viewer, making it a much more personal experience.

Benefit #3: My Photillustrator Style is Flexible…

My style is my style, but the coolest part, is it can be applied to just about any product or brand that’s looking for a fresh look with a fun experience.

That’s a Wrap

This post was written to show you how my Photillustrator Style Composites could be used for promoting a product or brand, and I hope you have a better idea of how you could use my style for your upcoming campaigns.

Along with these fun Composites, I also love doing Editorial Portraits and even Product Photography.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Me, or to leave a comment below.

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