family portrait of the ulsrud family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

7 Reasons to Get a Photillustrator Family Portrait

Being a Dallas Portrait Photographer, I started Photillustrator because I thought Portrait Photography was stagnant, boring, and most portraits created today, lacked any real personality.

So, I’d like to share these 7 Reasons to Get a Photillustrator Family Portrait over getting a Boring Traditional Portrait.

I know you’re super busy, so to be clear and not waste anyone’s time, this is who I wrote this article for.

  • People who are tired of Boring Portraits.
  • People who want a Family Portrait that’s Unique and Different.
  • People who are on the Fence about getting a Photillustration.

However, if you have a few minutes, and you’re just kicking tires to see what this Photillustrator thing is all about, then keep reading.

You may discover you want an Amazing 1-of-a-Kind Family Portrait as well.

Now, I have my laser pointer ready, so let’s start with Reason Number 1.

1. One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait

Having been a Portrait Photographer for many years now, I have taken my fair share of Family Portraits where everyone was lined up along the family couch or atop a log, and wore the matching khaki pants and white shirts.

I was really good at these Traditional types of Portraits, but over time, each one looked like the last, just with different people.

family portrait of bill durham family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

With Photillustrator, you are guaranteed to have a One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait that will NEVER be seen again.

Imagine having a Family Portrait you can share with your friends and family, knowing you are the only one to have a portrait like it.

Your Photillustration will be as Unique as a snow flake.


Being a father of twin boys (featured below), each having Unique Personalities, I wanted something other than the “Sit still and Smile” portraits we’re all so used to seeing.

So, I set out to create a portrait that captured their Real Personalities, and that wasn’t Boring.

composite photography of brothers wrestling by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

Where Traditional Portraits are like a Still Life painting, your One-of-a-Kind Signature Family Portrait is many of life’s moments, paused for one Amazing Portrait.

Clients frequently tell me, “I’ve had our Photillustration for several months now, and I’m still finding new things in it.” 

Pause your life’s moments in a not so Boring way.

3. Fun Memories

Every Portrait you’ve ever had taken of you or your family, is taken for the purpose of capturing a Memory.

In fact, many Portrait Photographers sell themselves as “Capturing Your Memories”.

Knowing every portrait Captures a Memory, you just have to decide what that Memory will be.

composite photography of moving day family portrait by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

While Traditional Portraits and Traditional Portrait Photographers can capture the memory of your physical likeness, your Custom Photillustration not only captures your likeness, but Captures Your Life.

With your One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait, you’ll look back years from now Remembering your Life, and those you love the most in it.

How much will those Memories be worth to you in 20 years?

4. It’s Your Story

If I were to lay out 10 portraits of my mother; her baby portrait, her high school portrait, her wedding portrait, Glamor Shot from the 90’s, and a recent portrait, what story do you think they’d tell?

Right! Not much of one, because Traditional Portraits can’t tell your story.

family portrait of currier family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

Because your One-of-a-Kind Photillustration is created just for you, and about you, any story you wish to tell, can be told.

I’m always telling new clients, “The only Limitation we have, is your own Imagination.”

If you can think it, I can create it for you.

5. Be Proud

How many times have you ever gone and had your portrait taken, and then couldn’t wait to show everyone else?

Ok, maybe you’re excited initially about how great you look, but how many of those portraits were you still excitedly sharing with your friends and family months afterward?

I’m going to guess very few of them.

family portrait of lyons family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

Portraits are created to be shared, and because your Family Portrait by Photillustrator really captures the life and personalities of you and your family, you’re going to want to share it for years to come.

This will be the first Portrait you’ll be Proud to show your friends, family, colleagues, and even your biggest rivals.

6. A Timeless Piece of Art

Every few years it’s time to update your Family Portrait, because the kids have grown, you have a new haircut, new house, or a new dog.

And every few years you pull the old portrait down, pack it up to store in a back closet, and proudly hang your new, updated Family Portrait.

What ever happens to those old portraits?

composite photography of brothers on bike with sling shot by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

Traditional Family Portraits are updated because you change, but you update a Family Photillustration because your story changes.

Photillustrations increase back closet space.

Each Photillustration you have created is a Timeless Piece of Art, each telling a different story, you’ll proudly display throughout your home.

Consider it your Personal Life’s Gallery.

7. It’s Your Legacy

Everything we do in life is done in an attempt to matter, and when we’re gone, if we mattered enough, we’ll have left our Legacy.

What represents your Legacy?

For many people, they consider their Legacy to be lots of dollars, property, and things, and many families fight tooth-and-nail to acquire said Legacy.

bass pro shop portrait by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

Unlike the money, property, and things you leave to your loved ones (all great gestures), these cannot share who you are as a person, or family, like your One-of-a-Kind Family Photillustration.

Your Photillustration is the best way to leave a little piece of who you were as a person, grandparent, parent, son, or daughter.

Your Photillustration is your Legacy.

What’s Next

While you have your reasons for having a Family Portrait made, I share these 7 Reasons in hopes you may look at your portrait a little more seriously.

These are 7 Reasons why you’d be CRAZY not to invest in a Family Portrait by Photillustrator.

Look at it this way…

You’re either going to spend your money on a portrait that’s uninspiring and collects dust, or you’re going to invest in a One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait by Photillustrator that captures your personalities, your story, and makes you smile.

Spaces are limited, so CALL ME NOW at (214) 945-3226 and let’s get started creating your Amazing Family Portrait.

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