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How to Remove the Bags from under Eyes using Photoshop

Looking for a way to bring life back into your photography so your clients love the portraits you deliver to them?

Now you can with these 3 easy Photoshop tricks to remove the bags from under the eyes.

In this Photoshop Tutorial by Jason Ulsrud, The Photillustrator, you’re gonna see the 3 most common ways he goes about removing the dark areas and bags from under his subject’s eyes.

Once you’re finished with this tutorial, you’ll be able to transform your portraits like a pro.

Give it a Shot!

Want to practice these 3 easy ways of removing the bags from under the eyes using Photoshop?

Simply¬†click the button below to download Jason’s handsome portrait.

That’s a Wrap

Of course, there are many ways to accomplishing any one objective in Photoshop, but these are the 3 ways I’ve found to be the quickest while giving me the results I like best.

If you know of any other ways to remove the bags from under the eyes in Photoshop, I’d love to hear them.

Also, if you’re looking to step up your game this year and want to take your Composite Photography to the Next Level, check out my tutorials on Patreon to see what’s possible.

Which bag removing way did you like best and why?

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