Removing Skin Glare in Photoshop

Whether it’s because you have oily skin, a light is just too bright, or we underexpose the portrait, sometimes we just can’t help Skin Glare.

So, today I’m going to show you how to Remove Skin Glare using Photoshop.

While Skin Glare isn’t necessarily a problem I always deal with, sometimes there are elements out of my control that causes highlights on the skin to be a bit stronger than I desire.

This Photoshop Tutorial will show you how I remove the Glare from Skin, without compromising the texture of the skin.

Frequency Separation

The first step in this process is to apply a Frequency Separation to your image so you can separate the color from the texture.

If you’re not sure how to do Frequency Separation, I’ve created a tutorial called “How to apply Frequency Separation using Photoshop.”

Frequency Separation gives you the ability to add an additional layer to paint with, which is what you’ll use to remove the Skin Glare.

This Photoshop Tutorial is full of great tips and tricks for removing Skin Glare, and much more to help you create the look you’re going for.

Your Photographer Connection

This week I highlight a Photographer who was mentioned in the comments of a recent video I produced called, “5 Composite Photographers who Inspire Me.”

It’s a great video if you’re looking for Photo Inspiration.

Renee Robyn is an amazing photographer and Composite Photographer who has a really unique style to her images.

Additionally, in a recent interview I listened to with her and Frederick Van Johnson of TWiP, which by-the-way is an excellent resource, Renee brought up the topic of creating your own process.

Click Here if you want to see what Renee says in her TWiP Interview.

Bottom line? To truly excel at Composite Photography, and to create your own unique voice in this medium, you have to take what you learn from tutorials like this one, the work other photographers are producing, and what you learn about photography, and apply to your own process.

My process is never the same, so it’s very difficult to say I do A, B, and C to create X, Y, and Z.

It’s just not that simple.

Resources Mentioned

Here’s a quick list of the resources I mentioned in this Photoshop Tutorial on how to remove Skin Glare using Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to apply Frequency Separation using Photoshop
Renee Robyn Photography:
Frederick Van Johnson:
TWiP Interview with Renee:

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