Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas Remembering the Grateful Dead

Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas Remembering the Grateful Dead

Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas is one of the most iconic characters within the custom motorcycle world, and the Grateful Dead are one of the most iconic bands in Rock history.

So, how do these two icons come together long after the glory years of the Grateful Dead?

Today, I’m going to share some photos from a recent Editorial Portrait session I had with Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas, and how he’s remembering the Grateful Dead.

The Editorial Photography you see here was from a recent Photo Session I had with Rick for an upcoming Photillustration I’m working on for him called “The World of Strokers”.

But for now, let’s light one up and take a look at some amazing imagery.

A Little Piece of Grateful Dead History

When I first met with Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas to begin working on his Celebrity Showcase Portrait, I had no idea what I was getting into.

The Rick Fairless empire is much grander than I could have ever imagined, but tucked away next to the main stage of Strokers Dallas is an inconspicuous old bus very few ever notice.

the roof of the grateful dead bus by dallas portrait photographer

There’s nothing outrightly revealing the significance of that old bus, but upon opening the doors, you’re stepping into an amazing piece of Rock-n-Roll history.

the drivers seat of the grateful dead bus by dallas portrait photographer

Somehow Rick Fairless has managed to get his hands on the original tour bus for the Grateful Dead, which is amazing in it’s own right.

grateful dead bus

More amazing, however, is the fact that everything in the bus is original to the days of the Grateful Dead.

dead bus

From the album covers that adorn the ceiling of the bus, to the sheets on the beds, imagine experiencing the world as Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead.

Each piece of this bus comes with a unique hidden story left for us only to imagine.

Rick Fairless and Jerry Garcia

Being a huge Dead Head, the Rick Fairless and Strokers brands are heavily influenced by the Grateful Dead.

So, it’s no surprise how excited, and protective, Rick is about having the Grateful Dead’s original tour bus in hand.

After shooting the Photos for his One-of-a-Kind Photillustration, Rick asked me to get a couple of pictures of the inside of the bus with him in it.

This editorial portrait is the result of this time.

editorial portrait of rick fairless of strokers dallas inside the original tour bus of the grateful dead

rick fairless at the wheel of the grateful dead bus

I have to say, it seemed like a natural fit to see Rick Fairless with Jerry Garcia.

Some Original Photos

As you may, or may not know, I heavily massage all my images in Lightroom and Photoshop, so to keep it real, here are some of the original images before being Photillustrated.

original one

original two

original three

That’s a Wrap

I found out after doing the Photography of Rick Fairless and the Grateful Dead bus, that Rick takes very few people inside the bus.

So, I’m eternally grateful to Rick for giving me the opportunity to experience a part of Rock-n-Roll history, and for being so gracious through the entire Photillustration process.

Check out Rick Fairless in the Photillustration, “The World of Strokers” (to be released soon).

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments below, or contact me directly at jason @ photillustrator.com.

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This is a bus that toured following the Dead…not that the Dead toured in!

Thanks for the correction, but “Following the Dead?”

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