composite photography of rick fairless of strokers dallas by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

62 Images of “Rick Fairless’ World” – Dallas Portrait Photographer

Being a Dallas Portrait Photographer who specializes in making One-of-a-Kind Portraits using Composite Photography, I’m always looking for my next big Photography challenge.

And I found it with the 62 Images of “Rick Fairless’ World”.

This Photillustrator Portrait introduced me to Rick Fairless of Stroker’s Dallas, challenged my Production skills, and is the very first Portrait in my Celebrity Showcase Portraits gallery.

With hopefully many more to come.

Now, let’s REV up our engines, and lay some Photillustrator rubber…

Rick Fairless’ World

Rick Fairless is considered a legend within the motorcycle world, and if you love Choppers, then you know exactly who this guy is.


I recently had the opportunity to work with Rick and create an epic 60” Photillustration that now graces one of the walls in this legends office.

Which, btw, is the most requested stop on the Stroker’s Dallas tour.

the office of rick fairless at strokers dallas

Also, if you look close, you’ll see the Portrait I did of Rick on the Grateful Dead Bus, and the Chopper Portrait of Suzie.

Rick said to me, “This is going to be my Photillustrator wall.”

Not only is Rick Fairless a motorcycle legend, but he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Anyway, on to the Break Down of his Photillustrator Portrait.

Breaking Down Rick Fairless’ World

Because this Photillustration incorporates so many images, I took a different approach to creating it.

An approach I have since started using on many of my bigger, more fabricated, Photillustrator Portraits.

I photographed, and created the background before moving onto the characters in the Portrait.

This allowed me to better know exactly the angles, perspectives, and lighting I would need with each individual person in the Portrait.

breaking down the composite photography of rick fairless created by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

#1 Rick Fairless: Better start with the main character, which I photographed on his Suzie Chopper in the back of Strokers.

#2 Motorcycle Man: I wanted to add a guy shooting off out of the frame to give the Portrait some motion.

#3 Sue: Rick’s wife, Sue, is keeping Rick in line, and was photographed against a metal pole in the back of Strokers.

#4, #5, & #6 The Dogs: I had a different idea for the dogs, but they’re dogs, so I take what I can get, then figure it out in post.

#7 Background Motorcycle Man: This is actually the same dude who is riding the motorcycle in the red shirt. However, he’s on Rick’s brother’s motorcycle, and I changed the color of his shirt from red to black.

#8 Dude on a Triumph: This is Rick’s first bike, which is one of his 10 Hidden Touches.

#9 Rick’s Brother-in-Law: The IT guy at Stroker’s Dallas, Rick’s Bro-in-Law was great for this role. The only problem, was he was wearing an ugly brown shirt I once again had to change.

#9-B Victory Logo: This is one of Rick’s 10 Hidden Touches.

#10 Main Babe: This gal worked for Rick for many years, and can be found along side many of his motorcycle shots in a bikini.

#11 Dude Who Likes Babes: This is one of Rick’s fabricators, who fit this role perfectly.

#12 Stage Babe: This girl was a re-take after Rick had fired the original girl who was to be featured in his Portrait.

#13 Stage Babe: Another one of Rick’s long-time girls who was perfect for the scene.

#14 Beer Dude: I originally had this guy standing at the stage, but decided to re-take him for this space. I’m not afraid of doing re-takes.

#15 Dinosaur Dude: I had this Photillustration completed, but really thought it needed someone on the roof. So, I called Rick up and photographed one of his mechanics who did a great job.

#16 Stroker’s Dallas: I photographed the store front of Strokers as the sun was setting, so I could get the neon lights.

#17 Stroker’s Ice House: I photographed the Ice House in between the sun going behind the clouds.

#18 The Stage: A simple shot of the stage, which was empty and no lights were on.

#19 Statue of Liberty: Yes, this actually sits along side the stage at Stroker’s Dallas.

#20 Granddaughter: I added a photo of Rick’s granddaughter in the window to make it more personal for Rick.

#21 Grandson: I also added a photo of Rick’s grandson in the window to make it more personal for Rick.

#22 Ma’s Roadhose Banner: There was a Testosterone Cream Ad here, which I switched out for something way better.

#23 Big State: Rick owns an old malt shop in Irving, which had to be in the Portrait.

#24 & #25 Trees: Stock background trees to help frame.

#26 Strokers Logo: There was something missing here, so I added the Stroker’s Dallas logo.

#27, #28, #30, & #31 Statues: These are all actual statues Rick has sitting on top of the Ice House.

#29 Big Boy: I thought the Big Boy statue worked perfect for the middle spot.

#32 Grateful Dead Bus: This is the actual Grateful Dead Bus from the 70’s, which is way awesome inside.

#33 Stroker’s Reflection: I added the reflection of Strokers for realism.

#34 Budweiser Spool: These are sitting all around Strokers, and worked perfectly for the feature babe to stand on.

#35 Miller Lite Bottle: Added for even more disorder.

#36 Painting of Rick’s Mom: One of the 10 Hidden Touches in the Portrait.

#37 Watch for Motorcycles Sign: This sign existed here, but with all the warping of the stage, it got thrown out of perspective. So, I just added a new image of it.

#38 Rouch Logo: Rouch Paints is one of the first places Rick worked, and is one of the Hidden Touches in his Portrait.

#39 Big Tree: This is a tree I photographed for my Mayfield Madness Portrait, which you can see in the middle of the background.

#40 Trees: More stock trees for the background.

#41 Bud Light Cap: I snagged this from the ground when I was packing up my equipment.

#42 Southwest Plane: A stock photo I took while working on my World Travelers Portrait. Stroker’s Dallas is very close to Love Field, so this makes sense.

#43 Rocky Raccoon: Played by my son Niko, and is one of the Portrait’s Hidden Touches.

#44 Hamster’s Logo: Rick is a Hamster, and the logo is one of the Hidden Touches.

#45 Dallas Cowboy’s Helmet: For some reason, Rick is a fan of the Cowboys, so we added a signed helmet on the seat as a Hidden Touch.

#46 Bushes: I didn’t like the bushes in front of the Ice House, so I added some bushes from my Family Gathering Photillustration.

#47 Birds Flying: I like adding flying birds to give my Portraits some realism.

#48, #49, and #50 Sky: I combined three images of a cloudy sky to create the sky.

#51 & #52 Concrete: These were just a simple stock shots I took of the ground at Strokers.

#53 Rick’s Wallet: This is the same wallet Rick had when he was a teenager.

#54 Photo of Rick and Randy: I pulled this image off of the Stroker’s website to add as a Hidden Touch.

#55, #56, #57, and #58 Money: I had the idea of adding the $20 bills when I needed something to fill this area of the frame.

#59 Rick Fairless: This was the Editorial Portrait from the Grateful Dead Bus I did earlier.

#60 Hole-in-One Golf Ball: One of Rick’s hole-in-one golf balls and a Hidden Touch to the Portrait.

#61 Golf Ball: This is a decoy to the real hole-in-one golf ball.

#62 Beer Fizz: This was actually Dr. Pepper fizz from my World Travelers Portrait.

Behind the Scenes Photos

To give you a better idea of where “Rick Fairless’ World” came from, here are a few of the RAW images I used straight from my camera.

strokers dallas 1

strokers dallas 2

strokers dallas 3

strokers dallas 4

strokers dallas 5

strokers dallas 6

That’s a Wrap

What you’re seeing here with the “Rick Fairless’ World” Photillustration is many hours of Photography and Editing to create.

I know it may seem simple, but creating an image that uses 62 individual images, is a lot of work.

But, I guarantee you won’t find another Portrait Photographer doing this kind of work.

Can you see yourself in an Epic Portrait like Rick Fairless of Stroker’s Dallas?

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