Celebrating Sweet 16 with a Uniquely Different Portrait

“Happy 16th Birthday to my two favorite guys, Luka and Niko.”

~ Jason “The Photillustrator” Ulsrud

the photillustrator jason usrud quote

Want a portrait that’s truly different, super fun, and really portrays the unique personalities that make up your awesome family?

Don’t let this time pass you by and settle for the same old boring portraits as everyone else, or a portrait that’ll make a better dust collector than something to talk about, or simply doesn’t get noticed because there’s nothing special about it.

To mark this very special date of April 1st, the 16th birthday of my twin boys, Luka and Niko, I wanted a fun and entertaining portrait that would make us all smile for the next 20 years.

And a portrait that would make their kids laugh at.

crazy portrait composite that's different by jason ulsrud of photillustrator

Portraits like “The Axe Wielder” don’t get mad with the simple click of the camera and a couple of fancy filters.

Portraits like these begin with an idea that becomes a concept sketch before multiple Photo Sessions, hours of illustrative artwork on the computer, and custom printing before they can truly be enjoyed.

I used 30 different photos along with around 20 hours of artwork to create this crazy birthday portrait.

the composite breakdown of photillustrator crazy portrait that's different

All this time and all this work comes together in a portrait that’s 100% different than any other portrait on the planet, and a portrait that captures the true essence of who you are like no other portrait.

To give you a better understanding of how different these portraits are, here’s some before and after images.

before and after photo composite of jason ulsrud of photillustrator

Creating the bald version of me was a little awkward but has brought a few of us to tears on seeing it for the first time.

before and after composite of niko ulsrud

Niko’s a super funny guy and because he’s so dang skinny, he’s always pulling his pants way up just so they stay on. So, in Photillustrator fashion, that’s something I wanted to highlight so 20 years from now I can say, “Remember when…”

Hopefully he learns the power of a belt by then. LOL

before and after composite of luka ulsrud

Luka is the coolest guy but he honestly doesn’t have an atheletic bone in his body, which is why I have him hitting everything but the target on the tree.

The idea for this axe throwing portrait came from all of us going to an axe throwing place so we could… wait for it… throw axes.

Niko, without even trying hit the bullseye ever time he threw the axe, while Luka couldn’t hit anything.

That is until he covered his eyes and threw the axe. LOL

before and after composite of taren ulsrud

My wife Taren, God love her, hates having her pictures taken but always makes a great character for our family portraits.

Now that you have a better understanding of what’ll make your portrait so unique and different, I can’t imagine why you’d ever want a traditional boring portrait ever again.

All you have to do is call us at (214) 945-3226 or email me at [email protected] to schedule a Discovery Session before 4/15/2022 and I’ll throw in a custom frame that’ll make your portrait the centerpiece of your home.

I guarantee you’ll smile and laugh when you see your portrait for the first time or I’ll give it to you for free.

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I absolutely LOVE your work! I’m focusing on high volume sports photography right now but your work is the first that I’ve seen that comes close to the ideas that I have for photography. Video has been my focus up until about 2 years ago. I love that your work has a complete storyline which gives it a completely different meaning to homeowners. I was showing my husband your website but his only interest was that you live in Dallas and he’s a huge Cowboys fan! Looking forward to watching your tutorials and learning more about how you organize and bring your projects together.

Thanks so much. However, I hate to disappoint your husband but I’m not really a Cowboys fan. KC Chiefs are my team since that’s where I grew up and of course they are the Super Bowl Champs. Let me know if you have any questions as you journey into the Creative Portrait world.

Ha ha, I said “homeowners”… I’m a Realtor also😂

I’m a freelance magician. Although my woman and I are practicing social distancing right now, we are planning a trip to an Amway convention this summer in Waco to stock up on Amway branded (single ply) toilet paper, Amway face masks, Amway socks and Amway nacho chips. All high quality products that will get us through this difficult be unprecedented time. Can you capture in a Photoillustrator composition the joy and pleasure of attending such a exhilarating event? We are willing to go full cosplay if it would enhance the piece. I sometimes like to dress up as Bane and my woman could dress up as Brundlefly. Can you do that kind of deal buddy?

Not sure… We’d have to explore some ideas to see if it would work.

So fun! Thanks for sharing your art

Thank you. I’m having a blast doing it.

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