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A Uniquely Different Learning Experience

“Thank you for a great week of learning and fun. It is by far the best week of Texas School I’ve ever had! Seriously.”

~ Larry Adkins
Professional Photographer

professional photographer larry adkins testimonial on texas school of professional photography

From all over the country and all over the world, photographers come to Dallas, TX every year for what is considered the largest school in professional photography, and I had the honor to be one of this year’s instructors. Being new to the Texas School of Professional Photography’s instructor list, and wanting to make my mark, I knew my class had to knock it out of the park with an amazing portrait.

composite photography from jason ulsrud class at texas school of professional photography

In only four days, we brought this amazing Texas School portrait from a simple idea to an amazing work of art starting with our Concept Sketch. Here are a couple of sketches from our class.

I’m a big believer that learning should be fun and it’s safe to say my TSPP class probably laughed more than any other class throughout the week. Not only did we all laugh and learn a lot but we left with some really great friendships in the end.

composite photography class at texas school of professional photography with jason ulsrud

jason ulsrud and emily donohoe in tspp class

jason ulsrud cuttin up at texas school of professional photography

photographing a drone at texas school of photography

jason ulsrud photographing a light stand at texas school of professional photography

larry adkins striking a pose as texas school of professional photography

If you’ve never been to Texas School of Professional Photography or you’re going for your 10th time and you want to create something different, get a little crazy, and laugh a lot, sign up for my class in 2020.

Comments (6)

Jason is the BEST!!!!

Jaon thank you for the message. Looks like ye all had great fun, I look at your work everyday for inspiration….
Tomas Coppinger, Galway, Ireland.

We did have a lot of fun and Thanks so much for your support. I’m happy I can help anyway I can.

Was hoping to run into you at TSPP. Mr. Hartman kept us all kinds of busy. Hoping for your class next year!

Yeah, we were super busy too, but that’s why we’re there right? Will definitely look forward to seeing you next TSPP and I promise we’ll create something amazing and have tons of fun doing it.

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