Photillustrating the Corporate Portrait

Photillustrating the Corporate Portrait

As a Dallas Portrait Photographer, I’m frequently asked to photograph and variety of different types of portraits, including the ever so common Corporate Portrait.

But even my Corporate Portraits are put through my Photillustrator Style.

To be honest, because I specialize in Signature Family Portraits, I rarely accept jobs that aren’t within my wheelhouse, such as traditional portraits.

But every once in awhile I say yes, and this is what comes of it…

Corporate Portrait of Kevin Kepple

Kevin contacted me a few days ago needing a head and shoulders portrait to use for his social media and company profile.

Kevin, aside from helping me get Photillustrator off the ground, is also a good friend of mine, so I definitely said yes.

Kevin works for Personal Economics Group in Dallas, TX, and in my opinion is one of the most trustworthy guys you’ll ever meet.

corporate portrait of kevin kepple of personal economics group in dallas, tx

While I specialize in a very illustrative look, which requires some heavy Photoshop lifting, I can “kind of” put it down for a more conservative Corporate Portrait.

Which I think turned out pretty dang good…

Why I Do Corporate Portraits

Truth be told, I really don’t mind doing Corporate Portraits, and frequently do a form of them with my Advertising Photography.

My roots are in Editorial Portraits, which I love creating.

Editorial and Corporate Portraits are a nice reprieve from the craziness I’m typically involved in with my Custom Photillustrations.

Here are a few more Corporate Portraits I’ve done to give you a better idea of my style of work.

portrait of mike bassinger by dallas portrait photographer

portrait of taren ulsrud created by dallas portrait photographer

corporate portrait of steven blanck by dallas portrait photographer

As you can see, even my “traditional” portrait work is a bit atypical.

The bottom line is, I can’t get away from Photoshop in my work.

Get a Corporate Portrait

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve come to realize, “I don’t think I would mind doing a few more Corporate Portraits in the future.”

Now, I better get back to Photillustrating my clients Family Portraits.

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