Make Tricky Cutouts Easy in Photoshop

Do you struggle with cutting out the sky from a scene or making tricky cutouts of trees?

Today, I’m showing you how I make tricky cutouts easy using Photoshop.

As with everything in Composite Photography and Photoshop, there are many ways to accomplish specific tasks, but this is the one way I have found that gives me consistent results when extracting trees from a scene.

Now, go get your scissors and let’s get started.

Making Tricky Cutouts

Is there a cutout that’s NOT tricky?

Maybe if you’re cutting out a perfectly round object or you have your subject placed on a perfectly white background, but in the real world here just about ALL subjects and/or objects have varying degrees of cutout complexity.

So, if every cutout is complex in some way, what can you do?

First, I recommend joining me on Patreon, where I’ll be digging into this topic and much more on composite photography.

Second, the key to creating awesome cutouts, whether they be tricky or easy, is to master the tools you work with, i.e. Photoshop, and to practice and practice until you become great at it.

Practicing, however, is sold separately and is completely up to you.

Damn Those Halos

Hey, Wait! I thought Halos were a good thing?

Well, they aren’t when it comes to Composite Photography and in fact, cutouts that suffer from this “halo” effect are a sure sign of a photographer who does NOT have good Compositing skills.

The great thing about halos, if you suffer from having them in your Composites, is they can easily be fixed if you know some of the tricks like the one I show you in this video tutorial.

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Ok, Halos = BAD, Awesome Compositing Skills that eliminate Halos = GOOD, and we all know you’re one of the good ones.

Along with magically ridding your Composites of ugly halos, I also show you how to easily eradicate the even uglier fringing I see in many Composites today.

That’s a Wrap

Alright, so much more could be said about this tricky cutout thing and halos, but why when you could easily just watch the video tutorial I made for you.

Also, if you want a good laugh, in this video I show you what walking with a rod up your butt looks like and why I’m quitting these damn videos.

Leave a comment below and let me know what cutouts you struggle with the most.

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Thank you so much for this! Keep it up with the patiently explained tutorials and don’t get discouraged by no comments on your posts.

Thank you. Love doing what I do, so not discouraged at all.

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