A Cool New Underwater Effects Tutorial

A Composite Photography Tutorial that will Take your Work to the Next Level

Want to end the frustration of making Composites that get overlooked and rarely get noticed?

With so many awesome Composite Photographers creating unreal images, it seems impossible to create something that’ll break through and be seen.

If you’re like a lot of photographers, you throw your hands up in defeat and fall back to making safe boring pictures nobody will ever notice.

However, if you want to create Composites that are different, then these Underwater Effects Tutorials are perfect for you.

composite photography tutorial with underwater effect

Regardless of whether you’re new to Composite Photography or you’re a Photoshop Master, the most important thing is to create images that mean something to somebody.

For me, creating images that mean something is more important than anything else.

For your images to mean something, however, they have to capture the attention of your audience and get noticed, which is why doing something “different” is so important.

While both Composites are great, as you can see in the before and after images above, the underwater effect really stands out.

Underwater Tutorial

I created this tutorial to help you create Composites that are different and hopefully make the art of Composite Photography more enjoyable.

Broken down into 3 Parts, you’ll learn how to create everything from the underwater effect all the way to making your splashes look 3D.

Part #1: The Underwater Effect

In Part 1 you’ll see how easy it is to create an underwater effect along with adding texture and highlights to give your water the illusion of depth.

Part #2: Adding in the Elements

In Part 2 you’ll see how to add in the elements that will be falling into the water, bringing movement and action into your Composites.

composite photography tutorial on creating underwater effect

Part #3: Making a Splash

In Part 3 you’ll see how to bring life into your underwater effect by adding splashes, and how a little Photillustrator style shaping gives it depth.

composite photography tutorial on adding splashes in water

Not only will you see exactly how I create my highly requested underwater effect but you’ll get all the images so you can follow along and practice for yourself.

This effect is one of my most requested Portrait effects and has made me thousands of dollars.

family portrait of tyson chandler family

creative family portrait of baxter family

composite photography tutorial of underwater effect

creative family portrait of glen and mindy stearns

compositing tutorial on underwater effect in photoshop

Of course, if you love making “ok” Composites or your passion is boring photography, then this tutorial is NOT for you.

However, if you’re like me and the growing community of Photillustrator Masters, who love creating Composites that are different, then CLICK HERE to get access to this cool as beans tutorial.

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