A Uniquely Different Portrait in 69 Photos

I bet Dan and Stephanie Fine had no intentions of getting a family portrait, and if they did, I would also bet it would have been the same old boring type family portrait they did in years past and that all their friends were doing now.

Fortunately, Dan and Stephanie were invited to the BIG Reveal for David and Niki Campisi’s family portrait called, “Behind the Egyptian”.

CLICK HERE to see how Dan and Stephanie reacted to their family portrait.

If you Google “Family Portraits” and look at ALL the images that come up, odds are 100% of them all look the same or very similar. Nothing stands out and they’re all boring.

I have a better way, which I’ll show you in Dan and Stephanie’s Creative Family Portrait of 69 Photos.

We Want Something Different!

Right now, if you’re like nearly all my clients, you’re thinking, “I’m tired of doing the same old boring family portraits we’ve always done. I want something Different!”

But, where do you get a family portrait that’s Different?

dan and stephanie fine creative family portrait by photillustrator

You’ve probably already seen other family portraits in our Creative Family Portrait gallery, so you already know there’s only one place where family portraits are truly Different.

And, that’s right here!

We specialize in bringing your stories and your personalities to life in a Uniquely Different family portrait, giving you a chance to appreciate what’s most important and to show it off to the world.

Different in 69 Photos

For your family portrait to be Different means we can’t do it the same old boring way you’re used to. Wearing matching clothes, awkwardly posed, and smiling at the photographer saying “cheese!”

Creating a family portrait that’s Different requires an outside-the-box kind of approach.

From designing out your unique story to capturing the photos of all your fun characters, thanks to the world of Composite Photography, anything you can imagine is possible.

breaking down dan and stephanie fines family portrait by photillustrator

1. Dan
2. Cigar Flame
3. Setphanie
4. Daughter
5. Daughter’s Pony
6. Daughter’s Leg
7. Flying Kid
8. Flying Kid’s Body
9. Soccer Kid
10. Yellow Lab
11. Black Lab
12. House #1
13. Bounce House
14. Wooden Gym
15. Gravel #1
16. Gravel #2
17. Grass #1
18. Grass #2
19. Sky #1
20. Sky #2
21. Dallas Building #1
22. Dallas Building #2
23. Dallas Building #3

24. Dallas Building #4
25. Dallas Building #5
26. Flying Birds
27. Wooden Fence
28. Tree #1
29. Tree #2
30. Squirrel
31. Background Trees #1
32. Background Trees #2
33. Flying Grass
34. Fence
35. ?
36. Porch
37. Wiener Holder #1
38. Wiener Holder #2
39. Wiener Holder #3
40. Wiener #1
41. Wiener #2
42. Soccer Ball
43. Rolling Stones
44. Stuffed Animal
45. Blanket
46. T Logo

47. Football Game
48. School Logo
49. Star of David
50. Grateful Dead Bears
51. Small Toy
52. Dump Truck #1
53. Dump Truck #2
54. Box
55. Fireworks #1
56. Fireworks #2
57. Fireworks #3
58. Baseball Glove
59. Fireworks
60. Mask
61. Dog Firework
62. Soccer Ball
63. Grill Fire
64. Shopping Cart
65. Firework Punk
66. Porch Island
67. Hidden Item
68. Hidden Item
69. Dog Poop

From Design to Photos

I wish I could tell you the magic that will make your family portrait so Different is my amazing compositing skills, but that just isn’t the case. That’s because anyone with opposing thumbs can technically create a composite image.

What makes your family portrait truly Different is us working with you to design out your unique story, giving you 100% control of your story, and putting your story together in a visually pleasing way.

Following your Discovery Session where we brainstorm ideas and design out your fun and entertaining family story, I sketch out the idea to give you and myself a better idea of how your final portrait will look.

the concept sketch for dan and stephanie fines creative family portrait

At your Approval Session, you’ll have the chance to change the script of your story if you’d like, or you can simply give approval and off to the Photo Session we’ll go.

Your Photo Session is broken down into 2 to 3 sessions, which gives us a chance to photograph everything with perfect lighting and angles so your family portrait turns out fantastic.

That’s a Wrap

Let me ask, what would your life look like if every time you walked by your family portrait you stopped to remember what’s most important to you? What would it look like if your family portrait brought a smile to your face? What would it look like if all your friends loved how great your uniquely different family portrait turned out?

I guarantee you will NEVER look back and wished you hadn’t gotten a Uniquely Different Family Portrait.

Do you think you could say the same if you had?

What would your uniquely different family portrait look like? What fun and entertaining story could you tell?

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