A Wall for a Photillustrator Family Portrait

If you were to get a Creative Family Portrait unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, where would you display it in your home?

For Jake and Libby Smith, when they had their house built, they designated a wall specifically for their Creative Family Portrait by Photillustrator.

I know! How cool is that?

Here’s the Family Portrait we delivered to the Smiths.

composite photography family portrait of dallas family jake and libby smith

Like with all our Creative Family Portraits, we call this one “Family Magic”, which if you know the Smith family is a perfect title.

What Most People Do

You may be familiar with this, but most people have traditional family portraits made with almost no consideration of where they’ll be displaying them.

They hire a portrait photographer to make their portraits then decide where to place them in their home.

While this way of approaching your family portrait is typical, it’s also very uneventful and boring like most of the family portraits people are getting.

That’s NOT how we do it at Photillustrator.

A Portrait Worth a Place

For Jake and Libby Smith, they went into building their new home with getting a Family Portrait by Photillustrator in mind.

Here’s a photo I took of their amazing home.

With a home like this it was super important we create just the right family portrait, framed with the perfect frame, and created using just the right colors to enhance the living space it was to be displayed in.

creative family portrait on display in home of jake and libby smith in dallas tx

The Smiths chose to display their portrait in their living room so when they’re all together they can enjoy the stories behind their fun family portrait.

If you’re choosing to display your family portraits in stairways or halls, you might consider getting a Family Portrait that’s Different and one you’ll want to display in the most prominent place in your home.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Aside from getting a family portrait that’s so Different, we go out of our way to make the portrait process fun and exciting.

Here’s some Behind-the-Scenes footage of “Family Magic”.

Every portrait begins with setting the scene in which case the Smiths was their backyard area.

Once we have the scene set, we move on to the character photography where we all have a lot of fun.

composite photography before and after of the magician

composite photography before and after of girl jumping into pool

compositing before and after of libby smith

compositing before and after of jake smith

compositing of girl and dog

The Smith’s Family Portrait completed, required over 50 separate photographs and 30+ hours of artwork to create.

That’s a Wrap

As you can see there’s a HUGE difference between the portraits we create here at Photillustrator the traditional family portraits you may be used to getting and seeing from all your friends.

Not only will your family portrait look Amazing and you’ll have a lot of fun throughout the process of creating it, but you’ll discover the perfect place you’ll want to display it in your home.

So, where, in your home, is the perfect place for your Creative Family Portrait by Photillustrator?

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