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What if I Don’t Like my Uniquely Different Portrait?

Unlike other Portrait Photographers where you choose the images you like most in an editing session then they have them printed, the first time you will get to see your Photillustrator Portrait is when it’s finished and hanging on your wall.

For this reason, I want to answer the question, “What if I don’t like my Uniquely Different Portrait?”

To give you the short answer to your question, I stand by EVERYTHING I create and if you don’t like it, I will fix it so you do. I know this sounds like a big risk, but other than in once occasion, which I’ll share with you in a minute, this has NEVER happened to me.

While you have yet to see your Creative Family Portrait, here’s why you’re almost 100% guaranteed to LOVE your Amazing new Portrait.

How I Guarantee You’ll LOVE your Portrait

You and I know there is no “guarantee” when it comes to you loving your new Portrait by Photillustrator, but my #1 Goal is for you to be 100% happy with the Portrait created for you.

After all, the only way I can stay in business and create more Uniquely Different Portraits for Amazing people is by making sure they’re happy and satisfied with how their Experience and Portrait turned out.

Here are a couple of reasons why this isn’t typically a problem.

#1: Fun & Entertaining Portraits

Traditionally, the goal of the Portrait Photographer is to capture the perfect moment where you look better, in many cases, than you actually are. You dress in clothes you normally don’t wear every day, you have your hair professionally styled, your makeup is perfect, and the Photographer will pose you in such a way that feels awkward but looks great in a photo.

Your Uniquely Different Portrait by Photillustrator is anything but “Traditional”.

family portrait of spicer family by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

For your Creative Portrait, you’ll wear the clothes you normally wear or like to wear (dress-up is allowed if it makes sense to the theme of your portrait), your hair is fixed the way you normally have it fixed, makeup is fine if you normally wear makeup within the theme you’ve chosen, and most of the poses you’ll strike for your Photillustrator Portrait are fun, and at times funny.

Because we’re going for “Fun & Entertaining” and not “Perfect”, you’re more likely to Love your Portrait in the end.

#2: The Concept Sketch

Traditionally, once the photography is completed, Portrait Photographers will edit your photos down to a select few and invite you back in to choose the ones you want to be printed, giving you full control, or seeming control, over the Final Portraits you want.

Your Uniquely Different Portrait by Photillustrator is anything but “Traditional”.

concept sketch of lloyd family portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

Before any camera is pulled out, any lights are set up, or any pictures are taken, I create a Concept Sketch of your Uniquely Different Portrait, which you will approve or make changes to during your Approval Session, giving you full control over what your final Portrait will look like.

Consider your Portrait to be a collaboration between us all and you have all the say in what you see in your Final Portrait.

#3: It’s a PortrART, not a Portait

Traditionally, the goal of the Portrait Photographer is to capture an image that makes you look great, at a contrived location like an old barn, in a park, or next to an old tree, which gives you the chance to one day look back at this Portrait and remember how much better and younger you once looked.

Your Uniquely Different Portrait by Photillustrator is anything but “Traditional”.

composite photography of moving day family portrait by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

Much like the Family Portrait, I created for myself, where I created a Portrait around a family experience and subtly share each of our Unique Personalities, your Creative Family Portrait is designed to capture your families Unique Story and Personalities in a work of art that will be passed down to your kids.

Imagine looking back at your Uniquely Different Portrait years from now and remembering your LIFE.

That’s a Wrap

I take great pride in every Portrait I create, and the most important thing to me is that you LOVE your Uniquely Different Portrait. My favorite part of creating your Portrait is seeing your expressions when you see it for the first time during your Big Reveal.

Like I said earlier, I stand by my work 100% and if you’re not completely Happy and Satisfied with your Portrait, I’ll do what I need to so you are.

Have questions about getting started with your Uniquely Different Portrait, or the Process of creating your Portrait? Contact Me and let’s talk.

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