The Next Step, World Domination!

I know now when I started Photillustrator and creating Creative Family Portraits, I had a small world vision. Actually, I had no world vision as I was just hoping enough families would want my Portraits that I could make a small living.

Now, having been to California to do a Portrait for the Chandler family, my vision is World Domination!

Ok, maybe not “World Domination”, but I’ve definitely grown my expectations of creating a few Awesome Family Portraits to survive off of, to become a Nationally Recognized Family Portrait Artist.

After all, shouldn’t everyone have the chance to get a Uniquely Different Portrait they could brag about?

Starting with California

Before I get into creating Family Portraits people really want vs. what people are simply used to, I’d like to share some personal photos I took while out in California to create a Portrait for the Chandler family.

Tyson Chandler, btw, is a Pro Basketball Player for the Phoenix Suns who has won an NBA Championship, gone to the All Star game, been in the Olympics, and is a super cool dude.

As I wrap up their Family Portrait now, I’m super excited for their, and your, BIG Reveal.

map from dallas to los angeles

Traveling over 1,400 miles from Dallas to California to create an Amazing Family Portrait for the Chandlers made me realize there’s got to be a better way of doing this. (More on that lesson and others in a future article)

the outside the air bnb home we stay in

inside the air bnb home we stay in

To conserve on money, we decided to try Air BnB for the first time, which turned out a lot better than I had anticipated.

stones from the west coast of california

After settling in, Taren and I went for a drive up the PCH.

the west coast with mossy rocks

surfers in the water

mountains along pch

Of course, we had to check out Santa Monica Pier.

taren and jason ulsrud in santa monica

the santa monica pier

One of the best parts of traveling is finding awesome restaurants like Leo and Lily.

taren at leo and lily in california

It wasn’t all fun and games though, and to prove it, here are a couple of behind-the-scenes photos of me working my magic.

dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud photographing pro basketball player tyson chandler

dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud photographing kimberly chandler

Family Portraits Beyond Boring and Lifeless

Since the very first photograph ever created in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce, Family Photos have remained virtually the same. Meaning they are stiffly posed and mostly lack any life.

In fact, the PPA, “Professional Photographers of America”, teach and judge Photographers and Portraits based on the same stiffly posed and lifeless traditions Portrait Photography has used since the beginning.

This is entirely fine if you like and want a boring, lifeless Family Portrait.

My specialty, as you will see with the upcoming Chandler Family Portrait, and from my Creative Family Portraits, is creating Uniquely Different Portraits you can’t wait to brag about.

Not only are they clearly DIFFERENT and full of PERSONALITY, but they’re packed with the small details that make up your life. From what you wear to the small possessions you cherish most, we can literally create a Portrait that exudes YOU.

While every other Family Portrait you’ve ever had made sits on a shelf or hangs on your wall with little notice and lots of dust, your Family Portrait by Photillustrator will be Different.

You can choose to remember what you looked like with a Traditional Portrait, or you can choose to remember what your life was like with a Photillustrator Portrait.

Appearance vs. Life, it’s your call.

That’s a Wrap

Along with sharing some personal photos from our California trip to photograph the Chandler family, I also wanted to share why I’m asked to travel over 1,400 miles to create an Amazing Family Portrait.

How many Family Portrait Photographers do you think there are in L.A.?

I will be releasing the Chandler’s Family Portrait to the world once they have their BIG Reveal, so stay tuned. I can’t wait to share!

Don’t let location limit your Family Portrait possibilities because we will travel anywhere to make sure you get a Uniquely Different Portrait by Photillustrator.

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